People don’t realise the implications for society of this silent change

As a women and a teacher, I can’t accept to see how gender roles and sexist stereotypes  are becoming more and more normalized. It makes me sick just thinking about what is happening and how people don’t realise the implications for society of this silent change.

I have raised the issue with various people and publicly in my social networks. I share documents and try to make people educated about what is happening. I live in the United Kingdom, but I’m Spanish so I mostly do it with/for my Spanish friends and followers

I have been insulted and lost friends in real life.

Lucía, Secondary Teacher

Education Parent

I am a teacher and I know I would lose my job if I was too vocal

I’m a woman with a daughter. The world is already difficult enough in terms of inequality.

It concerns me that my daughter will be made to feel as though she’s ‘wrong’ if she doesn’t conform to the gender stereotypes charities like Mermaids seem to use as a sign someone is trans. I was a tomboy but I’m still female. I don’t wear sexy short skirts but I’m still female.

I believe women have the right to single sex spaces. It is patently unsafe to allow men who self id as women into women’s toilets, prisons, hospital wards, refuges, changing rooms. If a third space is needed, it should not replace female space

I worry about young lesbians being told they’re wrong for not accepting male genitals in a sex partner.

I am concerned about women’s sports. It’s already subject to inequality. Allowing male bodied people to compete as women will wipe out female sport.

I am concerned that women are being ignored and erased.

I haven’t experienced any negative consequences, because I am careful with the people I voice my opinion to.

I am a teacher and I know I could lose my job if I was ‘too vocal’.

Education Healthcare

I am absolutely appalled at the thought of a male child undressing with female children

I care because I am appalled at the debate being shut down.

There is a child at the school I teach who presents as the opposite sex, and I do not know which way round or who they are.

I am absolutely appalled at the thought of a male child undressing with female children, and those female children not even knowing.

The idea that medically changing children’s bodies is a good thing to upload outdated gender and sex stereotypes is abhorrent.

As soon as you express any doubt, there is no allowances, you are just wrong.

I have spoken to my colleagues

I have not had any consequences yet, but I have been quiet. I’ve been blocked by some twitter accounts so I must be on some list somewhere.

E, Teacher


There are no boy ‘things’ or girls ‘things’, just ‘things’

I have been interested in the changing terminology of ‘woman’ and being exposed to gender ideology. My children are in primary school and I am happy for them to be taught about sexuality and different types of relationships. I have been concerned by the influence of Mermaids on school policy and education. There are two sexes. Gender is a social contruct and should be pushed in to the open, where there are no boy ‘things’ or girls ‘things’, just ‘things’.

I have done very little, becauase I follow on social media and have seen the consequences for those who speak out.

I tend not to speak about this with my family or friends, as I never know what the response might be, it is usually that my opinion is a bigoted one, or ill informed. That I dont understand what it is like to be Trans.

Louise, Woman and parent


I’ve opened the eyes of several family members

As a woman, and a mother with 2 teenage daughters who both don’t conform to society’s idea of girl and womanhood I think it’s very important to speak out and raise awareness.

I have spoken at length with both my daughters about this issue. And if I hadn’t raised it with them both I think they would be at risk of being “transed” through peer pressure.

They have both been called tomboys and asked if they were trans, over and over again because they refuse to wear dresses and make up. As children they both played more with “boys toys” than “girls”. And were called boys as children.

My eldest in particular, she is Autistic. And admitted at one point she thought she may be trans. But through talking at length she realised she was perfectly happy as a girl. It was society’s pressures that she hated.

The rate at which girls and boys seem to be being told they’re trans because they don’t conform is horrifying! This is one of the most important issues in today’s society. We have to keep fighting.

Been very vocal on social media, and to an extent in real life. I’ve opened the eyes of several family members and “peak transed” them.

I haven’t had any consequences at the moment, I keep my social media anonymous for this very reason. I have to protect my children.

A Leyland


I am concerned that there will be no safe spaces for women

I care because as a woman I am scared of the erasure of women. I am concerned that there will be no safe spaces for women, no women in sport or industry. I care that I am being reduced to a vessel when I am referred to as a menstruator or similar dehumanising language. 

I care because I have a one year old son. I don’t want him to be told his body is wrong if he doesn’t display enough stereotypical male behaviours.

I care because I don’t believe children should be medically experimented on as we are currently seeing with puberty blockers and pathways to irreversible hormone treatments and surgeries.

I have debated this, softly, on social media. I am a, admittedly mostly quiet and learning, member of the mumsnet feminist board. I’m a member of a few gender critical social media groups. I took part in the GRA government consultation. I have resolved to write to my MP on this subject. But mostly, shamefully, I don’t speak up enough.

It’s been made very clear my social circle contains a few extremely vocal people who will loudly insist trans women are women. I’ve been labelled a terf and a bigot for things as simple as wanting to discuss the place of trans women in sports.



Reality is simply being denied

This should matter to all of us because reality is simply being denied. I have spent my life, particularly the younger years, being denied access to sports, careers and opportunities because I am female. Now I am to be denied the right to my own sex! Our daughter’s, sister’s, and mother’s female  rights are being eroded, erased and written back out of existence. I care about this issue because I don’t want us to go backwards.

‘Woman’ is not a category that can be picked by whoever chooses. It’s not a garment to wear when you feel like it. It’s my life.


I have been making myself more aware of what is gong on in the world and closer to home. I have tried to help other people be aware of what is being taken away from us.

A lot of folk just don’t want to hear about it, they think it is the rantings of the Daily Mail!

Marie, Home educating mum


We are no longer entitled to privacy, dignity or safety

I care because the sex based protections afforded to me and my daughter by law are being destroyed and that we are no longer entitled to privacy, dignity or safety.

It’s also a sexist stereotype to ” live as a woman”. I don’t wear makeup or dress in especially feminine clothing. Does that mean I am less of a woman even though I bore children?

I have written to my local theatre about them changing some of their female toilets to accept men without consulting their customers. They replied that it was down to their diversity committee and they would not reconsider.

I live in Scotland and got in touch with an educational provider of resources for schools in Scotland regarding relationships etc to enquire about a video they linked to on their website. It was very one-sided about a boy becoming transgender but disregarded how this impacted on girls. They replied that they decided to remove the video; not because of my reasoning but because they realised that the material contained sexist stereotypes that they were uncomfortable with.

I wrote to a castle in Aberdeenshire about their mixed sex toilets. On entering I assumed that they were self-contained and I think the large bearded tourist in front of me was as uncomfortable as I was. I wrote to the castle’s representative and asked why they had chosen to do this. The reply was that the men’s used to be separate but the building became unsafe and they had limited space and planning permission. When I wrote back to explain why mixed sex toilets we’re bad for women and girls ( I cited voyeurism and privacy) they ignored me.

I have written to some MPs and MSPS with mixed results and some patronising comments.

I have delivered some leaflets for For Women Scotland. I do not know if there was anything positive from this but I felt better at doing something albeit anonymously.

If I do anything, it’s usually as a private communication with a company or politician.

I don’t feel confident or comfortable doing it in a more public forum. I did it once on Facebook and received some negative feedback in the form of cartoons. I gleaned from one cartoon from someone who I regarded as a close childhood friend that I was “an asshole”.

Tombs of Atuan, Mother of school age children