Collective action

The biggest negative consequence if I’m honest is that I have lost faith in almost all institutions’ ability or even desire to uphold women’s rights; politics, the media, academia and the wider professional classes.

Many of the people wrote about groups, projects and organisations they are involved in. Most of these have been developed in the past few years as informal groups, while the established parts of civil society have failed to address the issues.

Fair Play For Women is a campaigning and consultancy group which raises awareness, provides evidence and analysis, and works to protect the rights of women and girls in the UK.
They provide expert legal and scientific resources and advice to towards policy which maintains fairness and safety for women and girls in sports, single sex services and other areas.

Woman’s Place UK (WPUK) is a grassroots feminist campaign which was formed by a group of women in the labour and trade union movement to uphold women’s sex-based rights and protections. They organise public meetings which can be viewed on their YouTube channel.

Transgender Trend is an organisation of parents, professionals and academics based in the UK who are concerned about the current trend to diagnose children as transgender, including the unprecedented number of teenage girls suddenly self-identifying as ‘trans’ .They publish guidance for schools and parents.

The Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual (LGB) Alliance was set up to advance the interests of lesbians, gay men and bisexuals at a time when they are being undermined by concerted efforts to confuse sex and gender identity.

Standing for Women is a campaign focused specifically on the word woman and other female language. Starting with billboards and t-shirts they have gone on to host talks, stage demonstrations and publish materials. Kellie-Jay Keen (Posie Parker) hosts a Youtube channel.

The Safe Schools Alliance is a group of concerned parents, grandparents, teachers, governors, health professionals, education professionals, and carers in the UK The SSA campaign is focused on working with schools and educators to ensure that school policies meet the safeguarding needs of all children. 

The Radical Notion is a new quarterly magazine founded to create a space for a resurgent wave of feminist thinking and activism. It is run by an all-women collective of radical and socialist feminists who are committed to a materialist analysis of sex-based oppression, and to challenging the material and symbolic structures of male dominance. 

Radical is a campaign for truth and freedom in the ‘gender recognition debate’. They come at this from a position particularly committed to the value of freedom — with a history on the ‘classically liberal’ side of UK politics.

Let a Woman Speak say “our mission is very simple: we want to let women speak”. They have focused on self ID and GRA reform and their   current focus is on expanding out into areas of radical feminism that include speaking out against violence towards women, prostitution laws that penalise women and appeal to men, reproductive rights, and pornography.

Women’s Human Rights Campaign (WHRC) is a group of volunteer women from across the globe dedicated to protecting women’s sex-based rights. The Declaration on Women’s Sex Based Rights was created by the founders of WHRC to lobby nations to maintain language protecting women and girls on the basis of sex rather than “gender” or “gender identity”. 

FiLiA is a feminist charity. The focus of its work is an annual Women’s Rights Conference. It is Women-led Volunteer organisation and part of the Women’s Liberation Movement.

Fair Cop is a group of individuals who have come together over shared concerns about police attempts to criminalise people for expressing opinions that don’t contravene any laws.


Mumsnet’s Feminist Chat Forum hosts discussion about women’s rights. Mumsnet believes in free speech and civil debate. So we will, for instance, allow people to discuss biology and scientific evidence.has moderation principles which they believe provide the basis for a civil and mutually respectful conversation, about sex and gender. .

Ovarit is a feminist site for link-sharing, discussion, and memes. It was set up following the ban of r/GenderCritical on Reddit by a group of moderators of that sub reddit. is a space for is to discuss gender from a critical, feminist perspective.

OBJECT NOW campaigns against the sexual objectification of women and the oppression of women as a sex class.  OBJECT takes action founded on understanding.  OBJECT promotes understanding of the objectification and oppression of women from a radical feminist perspective.

The Lesbian (Rights) Alliance consists of individual lesbians, lesbian groups and lesbian networks across England and Wales. Its aims include defending the rights of lesbians to have same sex relationships, meet together in lesbian only groups and stop hate crimes against lesbians including those perpetrated by transgender activists

ReSisters United is a collective of grassroots feminist groups throughout the UK and Ireland focused on the erosion of woman’s rights and the erasure of female as a distinct sex class. The main aim of ReSisters United is to connect women across the UK and Ireland and to undertake non-violent direct action campaigns in order to push discourse into the public sphere.

For Women Scotland is a grassroots group of women who have mobilised to oppose proposals to reform the Gender Recognition Act in Scotland to self – ID.

Merched Cymru is a grassroots group of ordinary women from across Wales who want to protect the sex-based rights of women and girls. It includes women from all age groups, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, all faiths and none. It is not aligned to any political party.

MurrayBlackburnMackenzie is an independent policy analysis collective, made up of Dr Kath Murray, Lucy Hunter Blackburn and Lisa Mackenzie. They are focused on research and writing about women’s sex-based rights and gender self-identification across different areas of public policy in Scotland and across the UK.

Bayswater Support are a group of parents in the UK and Ireland who have been brought together by their experiences of parenting children with gender dysphoria or who have declared a transgender identity. They are cautious about the ‘affirmative’ model of treatment..

Our Duty is a group of parents of children with gender dysphoria who have come together to provide support for parents who want to protect their children from harm. They challenge the authorities and organisations that facilitate this harm and encourage them to change. They organise real-world meetings and online meetings.

Trans Widows Voices is a website set up to share the experiences of trans widows (women whose male partner or husband believes that they have a gender identity other than “man” or who cross dresses).

Legal Feminist is a collective of practising lawyers – solicitors and barristers – who are interested in feminist analysis of law, and legal analysis of feminism. We welcome robust debate on all sides of any topic and are are determined to keep the tone calm and respectful.

Keep Prisons Single Sex is a campaign whose aims are clear & simple: No male, no matter how he identifies, should ever be housed in a women’s prison. When a male is arrested, commits a crime or is imprisoned, he should be always be recorded as male & never as female.

Sex not Gender was set up by Alan Henness to counter the creeping replacement of the term sex with the term ‘gender’ in areas such as equality monitoring forms and diversity policies. It monitors organisations equality policies and monitoring forms and highlights good and bad practice.

The Detransitioners’ Advocacy Network (TDAN) is a charitable, nonprofit, global effort to improve the well-being of detransitioned people everywhere. Launched in November 2019, TDAN works with local chapters through its core leadership to support those who desist from gender transition, and to lobby institutions for the destigmatisation of detransition and expansion of detransitioners’ healthcare and legal options.


Post Trans is a project assembling a collection of detransition stories of female detransitioners and desisters. Its goal is to provide a space for female detransitioners to share their experiences as well as giving an alternative narrative to the common discussions on transidentity.

When JK Rowling wrote her careful compassionate essay on sex and gender she was subjected to an onslaught of abuse that highlights an insidious authoritarian and misogynistic trend in social media. A group of writers, actors, directors, musicians, producers, comedians and artists wrote a letter in solidarity. It has since been opened for anyone to sign. Over 21,000 people have so far.

AEA is a Community Interest Company which was established by Ann Sinnott to promote the personal and professional development of women and girls. It is non party-political. It is focused on organising conferences and providing training based on the Equality Act 2010.


A collection of accounts by women authors, journalists, thinkers, researchers, artists and filmmakers. Each woman describes the impact that trans activism, from the early 2010s to the present day, has had on her creativity, her voice and her ability to speak of her experience and her ideas.

Project Nettie is an online and regularly updated record of scientists, medics and those in related disciplines who, by signing their support for a clear statement asserting the material reality of biological sex and reject attempts to reframe it as a malleable social construct.

FOVAS stands for Female-Only, Violence and Abuse Survivors. It was started in 2017 initially for female survivors of male violence to write an open letter to women’s organisations about their stories and why they don’t want males in our women-only spaces.

The Gender Recognition Act Reform/Repeal Group is an open group which discuss publicly options for reform or repeal of the GRA and to take positive action to support reform or repeal of the GRA

Get the L Out is a grassroots lesbian feminist activist group aiming at creating an autonomous lesbian community and an uncompromising lesbian visibility that is not controlled by men’s desires and visions .

There are also many individual personal blogs worth reading

Lily Maynard – Writes about the experience of her own teenage daughter who declared she was transgender at 15, and more broadly about transgender ideology and the activist movement opposing it.

StilTISH – Writes a blog examining gender identity ideology and its impact on women’s sex based protections.

 Maria MacLachlan – Writes a blog challenging transgenderism from a feminist perspective.

Kathleen Stock is a philosopher who writes about sex and gender.

Helen Joyce is a journalist writing a book about gender identity ideology

Graham Linehan writes and campaigns about gender ideology.

Maya Forstater – I write about the law around single sex services, and about sex and gender.

Jane Clare Jones is a feminist philosopher, feminist writer and feminist activist who applies her lens to transgender activism.  

Why are there so many groups? Different groups are covering different issues (children, sports, prisons etc…) from different perspectives. Some are women-only or from particular strands of feminism, some are focused on broader policy debate and evidence. They take different approaches; publishing research and guidance, organising meetings, protests and direct action, support-groups and advice. They also enable organising within and between political parties and include groups with a local, national or international focus.

How are they funded? These groups are voluntary action with expenses crowd-funded from donations, and in sales of tickets and t-shirts.

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