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As a woman in tech, I totally understand what being a minority is

As a woman in tech, I totally understand what being a minority is. I totally get what discrimination is, including plenty of subtle ways that women in tech experience. I know it sucks. I can only imagine how difficult it is for trans people, I feel for them, and I’d love them to be accommodated […]

I was fired from work

I believe that it is important that ALL human beings have rights. Women need to be united. I explain, talk and discuss the issue with friends and family and also at work. I have being cut off from social gathering by co-workers and I was fired from work. ClavelVerde, Latino woman over 60 working in […]

I work in a field that is full of trans-identified males

I care because if I had been born 10 or 20 years later, I am 100% certain I would have “transitioned” and would most likely now be among the growing number of detransitioners. I am horrified at the glorification of mutilation of women’s and children’s bodies as a “brave” “choice.” I am terrified for my […]

Sex based rights matter – they keep women and girls safe.

This matters to me because sex based rights matter – they keep women and girls safe. It gives women and girls opportunities they would not otherwise have. It’s as simple as that. I have posted on social media, I have discussed with friends, I have studied to educate myself on the subject, I’ve spoken to […]

I used to be involved in LGBT activism and I feel lied to

I care because I’m a young woman, and have seen women in my industry and in my life disappear into the “gender” fantasy in order to escape from their problems. It is not helping them. I am alarmed and dismayed at the rapid progress of gender ideology into law and the damaging psychological and physical […]

It’s the worst incarnation of misogyny I have ever encountered

This matters to me as it’s the worst incarnation of misogyny I have ever encountered. I have tried to enlighten people to what Queer Theory is and what it’s ultimate aims are and how dangerous it is for women. I mostly try in conversation- most women have no idea. I’ve been blackballed by my Union […]

As a cancer survivor in 2016 I made jokes about not feeling like a woman

As a cancer survivor in 2016 I made jokes about not feeling like a woman, especially as I wear trousers. Then I started to notice how organisations were starting to replace the word “women”, for example with respect to periods. Now as my daughter turns 17 and self Id and mixed sex toilets are more […]

As a scientist I am offended by the lie of ladybrain

As a scientist I am offended by the lie of ladybrain.  Ignoring safeguards for women and children is madness.  The education system is being changed to lie to children.  Affirmation-only ignores the issues of autism, sexual abuse, that most children would naturally desist and many would be happy gay and lesbian young people. I have […]

I wrote thoughtful, detailed letters and received responses from very few

This matters to me because the words ‘woman’ and ‘female’ need to mean something if we intend to use them as a practical and meaningful way to categorise and protect a class of people. If female also means male, it effectively means nothing at all. We need female to mean something specific because we need […]

I am fearful for my lesbian friends and the cotton ceiling

I am so afraid that my rights are being chipped away in all spheres of life. I am in the early stages of my career but I fear for the misogyny that I will inevitably encounter. I would like to be on a board one day but if trans women are women why need real […]

My response is: I won’t do any of that

This matters to me personally. I was raised by a conservative, religious father and a loving, submissive and leftist mum; and was educated (2-17 years old) at only-girls Catholic schools in Spain. My childhood and adolescence were filled with a cognitive dissonance: women are submissive, virginal (resulting in nuns, or a wives and mothers) whilst […]

I have been asked not to speak about it in work

I care because I am a mother of 4 girls and am worried about what it means for their future I have spoken to people in work. I have been asked not to speak about it in work as it may cause them problems. R, Worried mother of 6

I have been assaulted at work because I am a woman

I care because I am a WOMAN. This is not something I chose, I just am. As a child I was not feminine, I resisted dresses and prettiness, these days i would likely be told i was a boy. The sports I love are in danger of being invalidated because some men and boys “feel” […]

I’m no longer welcome in most LGBTQ circles/groups

This matters to me because I’m a lesbian who thinks males literally can’t be lesbians so I’m no longer welcome in most LGBTQ circles/groups. I care because sex being superseded by gender is harmful to women in too many ways to go into in this short paragraph! Women’s sport, vulnerable women’s safety, data collection and […]

I don’t look like many women I know

I am a woman. I don’t look like many women I know. I am 5ft tall, AAA bust, short hair, don’t wear make up, am ordinary and I can be who I want. I was born in the 70s and in the 80s I could be who I wanted to be with a shaved head […]

No dissent is allowed especially in corporate workplaces

I care because as a lesbian I fear that young lesbians are being pushed down the path of trans rather than being encouraged to be happy in their own bodies. I feel this ideology has been pushed through with no debate and no dissent is allowed especially in corporate workplaces. I tried to make point […]

I have also read, and read, and learned and learned

Being female is a material reality in this world and women and girls across the world are disadvantaged (at best) and murdered (at worst) because of it. We as people, and our organisations and governments must not be allowed to lose sight of this truth. I have joined a local feminist group (gathered via Mumsnet). […]

Gender ideology is regressive sexist bullshit

Gender ideology is regressive sexist bullshit. I am afraid for my children. I am worried that messages around being gender non conforming means that a child is encouraged into a lifetime of medical interventions to ‘change your body’. I’m worried that we’re opening doors to men with nefarious intent into places where women are the […]

This is simultaneously deeply offensive and dangerous

I care about this because it is absolutely fundamental. We’re living in a time when our institutions – NHS, Police, Judiciary, schools, charities – have all been cognitively and ideologically captured by ideologues who assert that any man is a woman if he so claims. This is simultaneously deeply offensive and dangerous. If any man […]

I work occasionally in an abattoir

I am an older woman who does a man’s job. I work occasionally in an abattoir and I work in agriculture. I have little interest in a lot of modern consumerist femininity. I am a woman. I don’t wear nail varnish or make up. I am a woman. I care that young people are being […]