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As a cancer survivor in 2016 I made jokes about not feeling like a woman

As a cancer survivor in 2016 I made jokes about not feeling like a woman, especially as I wear trousers. Then I started to notice how organisations were starting to replace the word “women”, for example with respect to periods. Now as my daughter turns 17 and self Id and mixed sex toilets are more visible in news stories, I worry about whether she will avoid sex assault or whether she will have fewer rights than me. Also, if you can’t name or define things properly, how can you create legislation?

I gently mention to people at work if I get the opportunity to drop into a conversation or ask an innocent question but its difficult to be too obvious as although my employer isn’t too woke, they seem to be gradually heading that way. I can’t afford to lose my job, as a cancer survivor with health problems I feel I should stay where I am.

A couple of people have completely misunderstood what I’ve said. In general I am sympathetic to how people want to live their lives or live as if they were another sex but I have been appalled by “TRAs ” and the aggression and abuse and everything is transphobic. These colleagues questioned if my questions were transphobic, but it’s not the trans that’s the issue. It’s the aggression and push for self Id which is now feeling like it may encroach on my rights and my daughter’s rights very soon.

Mercury, Biological Geordie