I fear for the impact of gender ideology on children

As a parent, grandparent and longterm volunteer in a primary school, I fear for the impact of gender ideology on children, both psychologically and medically. I have a huge concern for safeguarding across the board – in all the areas impacted by a belief in gender identity – single-sex spaces (toilets, changing rooms, prisons) and […]

My niece started taking cross-sex hormones when she was 18

I’m a public school teacher in NH USA, and have seen the lives of my students, my neighbor and my niece destroyed because they were told they had boy’s brains in girls’ bodies. My niece started taking cross-sex hormones when she was 18. She soon found her face and body irreversibly changed, but she didn’t […]

I don’t want to share changing rooms with transfeminine men

I care because I find it insulting that the word woman is now taboo or doesn’t have any meaning. I care because girls and boys are being forced to believe that there is something wrong with them if they don’t conform to gender norms. I don’t want to share changing rooms with transfeminine men. These […]

I ended up in an abusive relationship with a very charming narcissist

This issue matters to me because women’s rights matter to me – biological women’s rights.  I went to woman’s college, I have always been quite liberal, but even with all of that I ended up in an abusive relationship with a very charming narcissist, and this fringe group of radical trans women seeking to take […]

The first lesson for men in feminism was “It’s not about you”

As someone who was told that the first lesson for men in feminism was “It’s not about you” it called me to see men trying to centre themselves, again, by pretending to be more oppressed than actual women and taking time, funding and energy from those women so selfishly. I have spoken on the topic […]

I’ve been standing up for girls and women around me

This issue speaks to me because I am a woman. I care about other women and I care for young girls. I don’t want them to suffer from things that I’ve endured. I want them to be free to raise their voices and not be threatened by anyone. I’ve been standing up for girls and […]

I also worry that I am not providing evidence based care for my clients

I care about this issue because when I was 16 I experienced severe gender dysphoria. I was struggling to accept that I was a lesbian and felt forced into a relationship with a male. He abused me and over time I became completely disconnected from my body. As a teenager I thought these feelings might […]

I spoke to my political party, I was ignored

I worry about long term consequences ; safeguards, protections in law changing, blurring of definitions. I have entered into conversations that have usually become tense and intimidating, I spoke to my political party, I was ignored. Stood my ground but listened and tried to see the other sides point. I’ve been made to feel like […]

I have seen badly drafted laws passed, with negative consequences

I care because I see an undermining of the very concept of truth. Certain truths have become unspeakable because groups of activists have deemed them hateful or distressing. I care because I have seen badly drafted laws passed, with negative consequences. Even worse, I’ve seen interested parties covertly undermining the laws that help to keep […]

FGM abuse happens to girls based on their sex

Trans people need to be safe, but they need to recognise that some people will take advantage and abuse the system to harm vulnerable women. I am a woman and I can see others being silenced for wanting to talk about being a biological woman, by men. This should not be happening. I have argued […]

I have spoken out at work

I care because the erosion of sex based rights will have serious implications for women and gay people. I have spoken out at work (teacher). I have had to change my twitter account to be vocal and anonymous. I have discussed with friends. Most agree. I have been accused of being unempathic at work. Shamed […]

Management was in a panic

I have always  been gender non conforming  tomboy STEM moterbike guitars /female band  and back in the 70 womens lib but it wasnt until I accidentally stumbled on Dr Jane Clare Jones that I realised  in a deeper way  that it wasn’t that I liked “boy”things but that labelling those things  male was part of […]

The topic comes up scarily regularly for an infants school

I care because I want my daughter to have a safer life than I have had. I want her to be able to be confident in raising her safety concerns and not worried about being declared a bigot because she is fearful I have spoken to friends. I regularly voice my concerns at work as […]

I was a good ally

I first became engaged with trans issues when I had to teach a unit on queer theory to my A Level class. Having very little knowledge of my own,  I followed some trans accounts on twitter and read some web resources to develop an understanding. It seemed to me that trans people were an oppressed […]

We are not a subset of women

This matters to me because I do not want my daughters to grow up in a world where women’s rights are diminished.  We are not a subset of women. I worry for the teenage girls in the school where I work, where they may lose their right to same sex toilets/changing rooms. I have donated […]

I care about actual women

I’m a feminist. I care about actual women. I’ve objected at staff training events, emailed colleagues, posted on media. Any consequences? Snidey comments from colleagues, rejected for promotion for this Persephone, Teacher

I see the dismantling of women’s hard fought for rights

I care because I see the dismantling of women’s hard fought for rights and I care about young people’s mental health as a secondary school teacher I have done very little online as worried about professional consequences. Have spoken with friends, family and colleagues. Have complained to Greenpeace and Amnesty International by email Any consequences? […]

It is hard to see doublethink happening in real time

It is hard to see doublethink happening in real time and doubting my own common sense. I have ensured school’s policies do not conflate sex and gender Have you faced any consequences? Not yet L, Left wing school governor, parent to girls

I worry that we cannot speak our minds without being called bigots.

As a mother to three daughters and a teacher, this really worries me.  I worry about the girls’ safety when using public toilets and changing rooms. I worry about competitive sport – will they be competing in fair competitions? I worry that we cannot speak our minds without being called bigots. Mostly I worry about […]

I could not be complicit in socially transitioning a very young child at my school

This matters to me as a parent, educator and former mental health professional. I don’t want children who don’t conform to rigid stereotypes of dress or personality to feel they don’t fit in and are therefore ‘trans’. I could not be complicit in socially transitioning a very young child at my school (after a trans […]

Trans’ no longer seems to mean ‘transsexual’ but anyone who ‘cross-dresses’

I care because I am concerned that changes to the GRA could result in predatory males having easier access to hurt women and girls. I am concerned because ‘Trans’  no longer seems to mean ‘transsexual’ but anyone who ‘cross-dresses’. I am concerned because women can no longer say ‘woman is adult human female’ without being […]

I know what a social construction is and what material reality is

There are males on lesbian dating apps who reply with aggression when they are politely told that they don’t belong there (that’s happened to me twice). A woman I know personally was banned from a lesbian dating app for telling a male person that they did not belong there. I am concerned about the physical […]

The root of all my oppression is biology

I care about this because the root of all my oppression is biology – not how I identify or present myself. What have you done? Very little. I am too concerned about what could happen to me professionally. Any consequences? No. Rubatron, Mother & teacher,

If this one falls I don’t think there is any hope of holding any other lines

To me the distinction between male and female is truth that is so real and profound it is embedded within us at biological level going back millions of years. If a truth that substantial can be overturned we give permission for any ideology with the appropriate power to dictate truth. Losing the concept of Truth […]

I will always fight for women’s rights

I will always fight for women’s rights I have joined communities on social medias and spoke up. I have been blocked and threathened. Preside Kedavra, Psychologist graduate, writer,

A woman is a material reality

I know that women are punished for being women, not for pretending to be women. A woman is a material reality. Our oppression is sex-based and we need to be able to speak about it. I’m also extremely worried about the loss of single sex spaces and how that endangers women. I am disgusted that […]

This goes against all the safeguarding I have ever been taught

I care because I am a teacher, parent and Girlguiding leader and this goes against all the safe guarding I have ever been taught. This matters to me because the safeguarding and single sex spaces exist for a reason and they are trying to be removed with no proper debate. From single sex toilet, changing […]

truth, science and oppression based on biology

This matters to me for so many reasons: fundamentally summed up by truth, science and oppression based on biology I have spoken to my school re teenage transition, active on social media. Discussed with friends and mp. I have lost some friends. Had abuse on social media. Laura, Secondary teacher

I have refused to deliver curriculum

I am a mother, a parent and a teacher I have submitted full analyses of all government policy and resource. I have spoken up at meetings when relevant. I have refused to deliver curriculum and implement policy. I have shared my views with friends and family members when they have raised the subject. I have […]

Transwomen are important & in need of support, but they are not women

I care because I see the need for sex based recording, security & resourcing. We need to be able to have balanced, caring conversations in order to find solutions that respect lived experiences, fears & needs. Transwomen are important & in need of support, but they are not women. Also concerned that this ‘solution’ to […]

Men generally don’t take it seriously

I care because I work in Education and have personally seen the effect of puberty blockers on a couple of Y7/8 girls, one of whom used to collapse on a regular basis. This had an effect on staff seeing this happen. I then began reading more about the subject and was extremely worried how this […]

I no longer feel comfortable being a member of WEP

I care about this issue because I am concerned that women are losing long fought rights and the small advances achieved by the feminist movement are being threatened. I have questioned the lack of consultation by The Women’s Equality Party on changes to gender equality law. My local group was not asked for a response […]

I worry for the long term effects that this ideology will have on children

I care because women as a sex class are fundamentally different to men and the language used recently erases these differences. The reason women face sexism is due to us having the majority of the reproductive burden and to suggest men could claim to be a woman and face the same thing minimises it. Finally, […]

It is so blatantly misogynistic

Why so I care: so many reasons! Because it poses a seismic threat to women and children. Because it is so blatantly misogynistic. But also because it is so crazy and baseless! The sheer madness of it – I’ve never seen anything like it! What have I done? Mainly stuff on social media such as […]

I would be halfway through my transition by now

This issue is deeply important to me for many reasons. I learned about Self ID and was panic stricken as I have been made a victim of sexual violence by men repeatedly, and single sex spaces are vital to my ability to access public services. I like with chronic pain and C-PTSD as a result […]

People don’t realise the implications for society of this silent change

As a women and a teacher, I can’t accept to see how gender roles and sexist stereotypes  are becoming more and more normalized. It makes me sick just thinking about what is happening and how people don’t realise the implications for society of this silent change. I have raised the issue with various people and […]

I am a teacher and I know I would lose my job if I was too vocal

I’m a woman with a daughter. The world is already difficult enough in terms of inequality. It concerns me that my daughter will be made to feel as though she’s ‘wrong’ if she doesn’t conform to the gender stereotypes charities like Mermaids seem to use as a sign someone is trans. I was a tomboy […]

I was teased at work for days for objecting being referred to as cis

I care because I do not want women’s hard won rights to be given away because of the current trendy identity politics and to accommodate perverted men.   I have joined a women’s group, written letters to MSPs and MP, met MSPs and MP, talked to people at work, got training video changed at work from […]

I was forced to speak a lie

I care because I teach and am a mother. My children had a trans pupil at school (where I worked) and without consultation the other children had their right to privacy taken away in toilets. I was forced to speak a lie, every day, in using an incorrect pronoun, all while trying to teach pupils […]

A bullying group has turned truth into lies

Sex is real. sex defines humans and mammals. it is the way laws and protections are established and maintained in our society. Seeing these meaningful definitions being eradicated by the Trans lobby, behaving like a dictatorship, is scary. it’s threatens and undermines our protections and freedoms. Anyone who speaks out as “concerned“ is vilified as […]

I have been reported to my college for being ‘transphobic

I am a lesbian mother of daughters. I work with children. I knew a trans-identified female when I was younger and I saw the damage she had done to herself and the relief she felt when she detransitioned. Denial of material reality threatens the safeguarding of women and children. I have attended marches and demonstrations. […]

If we cannot name our oppression, we cannot fight it

This feels like such an important issue for me for several reasons. I have personally experienced the ways in which trans identifying males entering female only spaces completely changes the dynamic, effectively silencing female voices, even when the purpose of the space has been designed precisely to elevate women’s voices. I see the violence and […]

Self id worries me immensely

This matters to me for ethical and religious reasons.  Being a woman is a physical reality and that reality has led to women being discriminated against for centuries. Self ID worries me immensely because it feeds in the idea that the physical reality of sex no longer matters and could lead to exclusion of women […]

Almost everyone I’ve spoken to has been in agreement

At first it was astonishment that something so obviously real and true – that there are two sexes, male and female, which cannot be changed – was being denied. As I found out more it was fear of the damage to women’s rights, the damage to children and adolescents and then outrage and fury that […]

I was banned from a Facebook lesbian group

As a same-sex attracted lesbian I feel threatened by those who were born biological males and who are now claiming to be lesbians and who are trying to shame, coerce and threaten lesbians into sexual relationships. I joined Twitter to both read articles and to post about gender issues. I was banned from a Facebook […]

I know how important language is

I care because I can see how important this is to women’s rights. I could not understand that people were making untrue statements such as trans women are women – and this was to be recognised legally. I know how important language is to if we redefine woman then women’s rights are also under threat. […]