Initially I heard about GRA reform and thought it sounded a progressive change

I am conscious that I have a privileged background as white, male, heterosexual and well educated.  I believe that I have a responsibility to care about others’ rights, too. Initially I heard about GRA reform and thought it sounded a progressive change but I have listened to other viewpoints and realise that some aspects of […]

This is extremely unfair and unsafe for all the women and girls who compete

As a husband, father and grandfather I am really concerned about the safety and the safeguarding of all women and girls in what must be maintained as all female areas and environments. These areas have been hard earned by women over the years and must not be given up. Also as a follower of sport […]

I am a man with autogynephilia

I am a man with autogynephilia. I care about this issue, as I can see self ID has enabled, and will enable men with disordered autogynephilia to transition and involve women in sexual experiences they did not consent to. I think that for some men with autogynephilia, it is compassionate to allow them to transition […]

I saw women being attacked at the Anarchist Bookfair in 2017

Initially, I cared because I saw women being attacked at the Anarchist Bookfair in 2017 and the annual bookfair ending as a result. Since, I have been profoundly shocked by the misogyny of transactivists and the othering of their critics. As an affluent straight middle-aged white male, it all tends to be rather abstract, but […]

The transactivist movement fails a basic test of morality

The erosion of women’s rights should matter to everyone. Firstly, anything which restricts and diminishes the potential of half of humanity is, self-evidently, a massive setback for all. More drastically, hard as it may be to imagine, the erosion of women’s rights should matter to everyone because the ideology driving these attacks is not based […]

I’ve seen the damage first hand…it tore the family apart

I’ve seen the damage first hand when the daughter of a good friend, a lovely person went to Bristol Uni. Very quickly stopped responding to parents & siblings, wouldn’t come home for Christmas etc. And when she did finally return home 12 months later raged at everyone for bringing her up like a girl, she’s […]

I’m a feminist. Quite simple really

This matters to me because I’m a feminist. Quite simple really. I’ve communicated issues to others personally. I’ve interacted on social media platforms. A, Father, brother, husband – perhaps in that order

I feel that free speech is being stifled in academic environments

This matters to me because I’m scared that the TRA movement is aggressively and perniciously invading the basic human rights of women and children. It further matters to me because I feel that free speech is being stifled, notably in academic environments. I have spoken up on social media, at work and within my union. […]

I was a good ally

I first became engaged with trans issues when I had to teach a unit on queer theory to my A Level class. Having very little knowledge of my own,  I followed some trans accounts on twitter and read some web resources to develop an understanding. It seemed to me that trans people were an oppressed […]

If this one falls I don’t think there is any hope of holding any other lines

To me the distinction between male and female is truth that is so real and profound it is embedded within us at biological level going back millions of years. If a truth that substantial can be overturned we give permission for any ideology with the appropriate power to dictate truth. Losing the concept of Truth […]