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Men are male and women are female, and those are real conditions in the world

This matters to me because men are male and women are female, and those are real conditions in the world. That has consequences that matter especially for women individually and collectively. I’ve posted on Facebook and Twitter, I’ve campaigned with Speak Up For Women NZ I brought Meghan Murphy to New Zealand to speak at […]

I witnessed first hand the destruction of Women’s only space

I care because I witnessed first hand the destruction of Women’s only space that had been so essential to my own healing. I’ve posted on Social media, spoken in front of city council, attended a protest against the teaching of gender ideology to children, conducted meetups and events with other women to raise consciousness. I […]

Most of the women we support feel safe knowing we only support women

I work with women who have suffered abuse in a women’s only service. Most of the women we support feel safe knowing we only support women. I worry they will feel less safe or be put at risk if people are simply able to self ID. Predators will take advantage of anything and this seems […]

This is for you mum

This matter was brought to my attention when my mum died suddenly in Nov 2019. She was banned from plaid cymru for stating the biological facts I spoke about things when my mum first died, but I was afraid of the impact on my non profit. I feel that Facebook has picked up that I […]

My sister is transitioning into a transman

I care as a woman who has been raped about maintaining safe spaces for women. I care as the mother of a girl that she will be able to fully participate in sports without being edged out by a man who was subpar against other men. I care because my sister is transitioning into a […]

I have bought extra copies of academic books to share

This matters to me because freedom of speech , freedom of thought, freedom of belief and assembly are essential in a healthy  democracy. 2018 – I was in a major National museum  and noticed a Trans person (mtf) using  a very busy female toilet full of young schools girls, mums with babies/toddlers etc.  Unisex toilets were […]

It has been stressful and frustrating for myself and other staff

I care because in my organisation, I have found that the constant blurring of sex, gender and gender identity in organisational policies, blogs, guidelines and training materials at best undermines their effectiveness, and at worst installs regressive and harmful stereotypes. I care because I value the power of data to advance the rights of all, […]

As women we have the right to set our boundaries

This matters to me as I believe that as women we have the right to set our boundaries, we need to have language that allows us to speak about our experiences, we are oppressed because of our female sex and gender identity politics are regressive and reinforce male power structures. I have been part of […]

I have been in hospital where I have felt very vulnerable

I work in children’s services in a disability organisation. I am extremely concerned with the disregard and flouting of basic safeguarding principles in gender ideology. I also have a disability & a health condition and I have been in hospital where I have felt very vulnerable. I do not wish to be on a mixed […]

I should be able to go swimming by myself safely and with dignity

I care about this issue because I am a woman. I am 5’2″, and don’t have local friends. I do a lot of stuff by myself as my close friends are out of county. I don’t want to be excluded from public spaces on the basis that I’d be uncomfortable sharing intimate spaces with biologically […]

It offends me as a rational human being who knows humans cannot change sex

As a socialist and feminist it outrages me that women’s oppression is being redefined and repackaged as a privileged gender identity to which men belong. Our material existence as a sex class is being totally erased with real life consequences. We cannot argue for our share of resources when we’re not recognised. We cannot have […]

I have raised it carefully and professionally in a range of work settings

I am very committed to eliminating discrimination against women, creating equality between women and men, dismantling the patriarchy. Forcing women to accept that trans women ARE women and thus should be in our personal spaces is the anathema of everything I believe in and fight for every day of my life I have challenged people […]