Public Sector

I was a Prison Officer so I had a valid contribution to make

I don’t understand the UK today, why has ‘diversity’ mandatory training in all jobs suddenly become something done by Stonewall – who as far as I can tell from Twitter, have invented a new range of people, instead of just male and female. I am, at age 52, glad not to be working and having […]

As an HR professional I feel for colleagues trying to navigate through this

I guess I would have called myself a liberal feminist, a live and let live type.  I thought trans people had GD and medically/ surgically transitioned.  I once worked with a very nice transwoman  who presented as a woman, was called she, but used the men’s changing room and toilets.  When JK Rowling tweeted in […]

Gender ideology spreads lies and reinforces sexist stereotypes

I care about the truth. Gender ideology spreads lies and reinforces sexist stereotypes. I’m anonymously vocal on Twitter. In real life, I talk about this to everyone (friends, family, coworkers). Most people are not even aware of this issue. Yet when they find out, all agree with my position. I serve in the military. If […]

I’m concerned about the future of girls’ sports

I resent my 52 years of experience as a woman including much hardship, abuse, and discrimination being equated with the sudden whim of a 13 year old boy who likes glitter and nail polish. I’m concerned about the future of girls’ sports. I’ve tweeted in support of JK Rowling twice. I’ve been unfollowed on Twitter […]

I have joined the equality committee of my union to try to make a difference.

I am worried about the effect of transgender ideology on women’s rights. For example, “gender” replacing “sex” on official forms, equality law being misrepresented with “gender Identity” cited as a protected characteristic when it is not and “sex” omitted, former women’s toilets being made “gender neutral” while the men’s is left as it is and […]

It has become almost impossible to speak the truth about sex

I believe the truth matters, and language is important, and it has become almost impossible to speak the truth about sex. I believe I would be at risk of losing my job if I were to state publicly that I don’t believe trans women are female. I don’t have any understanding of what it is […]

I work in a university where there are no female toilets anymore

I care because self id has swept into every single workplace throughout the UK with no change in the law. I work in a university where there are no female toilets anymore, where disabled toilets have been renamed accessible to open them up for Trans/Non binary. A disabled toilet loses all meaning if you open […]

It can only serve to make sexism worse by entrenching regressive sex stereotypes

I care because, as a male, I have long been horrified at how pervasive sexism has remained in society, and at how in some respects, we’ve taken steps backwards (e.g. increasingly pink/blue binary for children’s toys and clothes). To the extent that transgender activism deals with “innate gender identity” it can only serve to make […]

It feels like just as we defeat climate denial then biology denial pops up

I’m particularly concerned on two fronts, first science denialism – biological sex is a material reality and very relevant to medical practice (my husband is a doctor). Females and males experience disease differently and so it is important to ensure that research and practice is able to continue to support this. It feels like just […]

To suggest we can identify out of that oppression is disgusting

I care because young people are being sterilised. Because women deserve and need single sex spaces. Because we are oppressed due to our biological sex and to suggest we can identify out of that oppression is disgusting. I retweeted JK on my main account and engaged friends using ‘terf’ etc. I’m too tired to worry […]

A colleague suggested drag for under 5s sessions

I am chilled by the unwillingness to debate a rights conflict. The tsunami of misogyny directed at women with the courage to speak makes me sick. I think language is so important; women need our words to describe ourselves, it’s not hateful or unreasonable. I am so disappointed in the left, I feel politically homeless. […]

I have spoken in my role as a councillor on Leeds City Council

This matters to me because we need and fought for single sex services, spaces and language and I will not give them up. I have spoken in my role as a councillor on Leeds City Council. I have been reported to the police, to my employer and threatened. Sarah Field, Councillor, Leeds City Councillor

It seems like everything is up for grabs

This matters to me because I see opportunities being stripped from women and girls on a systematic basis. Women’s spaces, women’s sport, women’s identities – it seems like everything is up for grabs. I have voiced my opinion on social media, and made sure that my children hear my side of the argument. Tons of […]

Language will be changed to disregard “women”

I care because as a woman I am terrified of the misogyny from people. I am terrified our rights will be removed and language will be changed to disregard “women” I am scared for the future just to appease the minority. I’ve posted on social media and discussed in work. I have been called a […]

Society has got this wrong

I have enjoyed my body for much of my life.  Conning vulnerable people into believing that they can change gender by hurting and harming their own bodies is cruel and wrong.  Girls getting their breasts removed tells us that there is something wrong with how those girls are being treated/growing up. Society has got this […]

I don’t like the move to erase ‘women’ as a sex

This matters to me because I don’t like the move to erase ‘women’ as a sex and I want to protect the hard won safe spaces for women. I have not done as much as I would like out of fear of drawing attention to myself.  I have discussed it at work but only with […]

A chilling effect on my ability to discuss and defend those rights

This matters to me because I care about having the ability to speak the truth, to be able to discuss the reality of sex, the material experience and consequences of being female, and the public policy implications of this. I value my sex-based rights enormously and should be able to name and discuss them without […]

Everyone has been appalled and disgusted

The protection of the biological definition of women and of women-only spaces, services and sports matter to me as I don’t want men in any place where I or any other woman or girl could be naked, semi-naked or vulnerable.  I want to restore clear, biology-based definitions of men and women. I don’t think it […]

I value my rights and will not sit back while they are stolen

As a girl and woman I am structurally oppressed. I know generations of women and girls have fought and effected change furthering the rights of women and girls. I have joined that struggle and secured sex based rights. I care about this issue because I value my rights and will not sit back while they […]