Public Sector

I have joined the equality committee of my union to try to make a difference.

I am worried about the effect of transgender ideology on women’s rights. For example, “gender” replacing “sex” on official forms, equality law being misrepresented with “gender Identity” cited as a protected characteristic when it is not and “sex” omitted, former women’s toilets being made “gender neutral” while the men’s is left as it is and the overall misogyny of a movement that insists on labelling women “cis” and calling us “transphobic” for wanting to talk to other women about our bodies.

I have posted on social media (Twitter) anonymously. I am afraid to use my real name because of the hatred and harassment by trans activists I have seen. I have stated concerns in a “feminist” group on Facebook but was thrown out by a man for refusing to state “TWAW”. I have discussed the issues with friends in real life. I have stated concerns about the lack of women’s toilets in a union meeting. I have joined the equality committee of my union to try to make a difference.

I have been removed from an online “feminist” group and been shouted down at a trade union meeting. I have been verbally abused on social media which confirms that my decision to remain anonymous is the correct one.

Sarah B., Feminist who believes that any form of feminism that centres male people is not feminism