Trans is pure homophobia

I’m a life-long lesbian in her 50s. Trans is pure homophobia and misogyny. I’m a UK RadFem Activist.

I’ve organised opposition, recruited, educated, been on the front-line in demos, protested Prides last year. Direct action including putting Adult Human Female t shirts on five statues in Manchester Piccadilly last year, with one other woman.

I’ve been shunned and ostracised by my local community which is full of woke trans allies. I’ve been physically threatened by a local transwoman, banned from my pub, banned from all Prides, silenced on social media. I’ve had my Medium account permanently suspended.

Belstaffie, UK RadFem writer and activist


I am Canadian and only recently learned of some incidents

I had no idea about the consequences of this.  Am flabbergasted at the vitriol/adolescent-like manipulation of those pushing this on entire populations (my husband either).  I cannot believe women’s words & spaces are being erased.  – the waxing one happened 30 mins from me and I had no idea 🤬🤬🤬.  Liberal Party of Canada voter my whole life.  Never again.  I’m going to have to vote freaking bigoted Conservative just so my daughter can be called a woman 🤬🤬.  In short – I am pissed off.  For the record I do not consider myself a feminist & am normally live & let live, but this is straight outta the misogyny handbook.

I’ve just liked things on Twitter – I will lose my job & my family’s security if I speak up even though I am firmly pro-trans rights.  I just happen to believe that giving one group rights at the expense of another is bullshit.

I keep my thoughts to myself in real life.

M, a concerned woman, Canada


I organise an annual International Women’s Day rally that is unashamedly feminist

I have been in the struggle for women’s rights for more than 40 years.  Gender ideology undoes the limited gains we have made and erases the possibilities of winning more.  Gender ideology drips with misogyny and lesbophobia and homophobia.  It is an authoritarian and regressive ideology.

I organise an annual International Women’s Day rally that is unashamedly feminist and of course recognises that women are adult human females.  I have organised a small feminist discussion group to consider the harmful consequences of gender ideology. 

I have organised one public meeting in defence of women’s sex-based rights and plan to run more once Covid restrictions permit.  I organised a WL Conference in my home city a few months ago.  I run several feminist FB pages and contribute to others.

I have been physically and verbally harassed, dropped from’progressive’ email lists, hounded out of my union, socially ostracised and had friends cut off all contact with me to show their left friends how woke they are.

Anna M, feminist activist, mother, grandmother, Australia

Healthcare Others

I’m frightened to see these principles being eroded by magical thinking

I care because women as a sex class are being erased, with the intended consequence that we cannot fight for sex based rights we cannot name. I care about children transitioning and ruining their bodies before they know what they are doing. I would have been one of these children if I had been born later. I care about lesbians being coerced into sex with males. I care about the appalling misogyny of the trans movement.

I care about truth, reality and science and I’m frightened to see these principles being eroded by magical thinking. I care about women losing jobs and platforms because they won’t go along with it. I care about freedom of speech.

How can we progress as a society if certain topics are not debated and tested?

I have attended meetings, written to my MP and visited. Stickered the local area. Posted FPFW leaflets to houses in my town. Used social media, twitter, Facebook and mumsnet to pass around information and contest misleading information. I’ve helped to collate information about organisations that are promoting misleading info about puberty blockers. I’ve donated to many GC causes and to Vancouver Rape Relief.

I have been shouted at and harassed at a public meeting. I have had my Twitter account suspended several times. I’ve lost a friend of over 40 years.

Louise W, Happy to be a TERF


You can’t fight what you can’t name

I care because as a 64yr old woman with daughters I have experienced sexism and misogyny, I know that this is based on biological sex. I know our own history as women, I know how our biological sex and it’s functions (esp menstruation) are at the root of our oppression. You can’t fight what you can’t name.

I have come out as GC on Twitter, mumsnet and Facebook, using my own name. I am a frequent tweeter on this issue. I have attended numerous WPUK meetings. I belong to a number of feminist groups – local and national.

I have lost one friend due to speaking out on FB, and it’s a very sore subject with a few more.

Diane Brewster, Computer scientist (Retired), Dianebrewster

Healthcare Others

I’m from a relatively poor country (India). Girl children are killed at birth

Sex based protection of women is so important to me.

Biological facts are important to me. I’m from a relatively poor country (India). Girl children are killed at birth. Ultrasound sex determination is illegal. Life is often misery for girls and women since they are born. Only the privileged can afford to lose the definition of “woman” diluting it to something as offensive, arbitrary, and irrational as a “feeling” or “emotions” or “assertion” (“if someone says they’re a woman she’s a woman”).

I’m tired of it. I’m exhausted. I’m losing hope for the future of left-wing and liberal thought in India.

I approached the discussion with two of my closest friends, both very liberal. One refused to reply at all. Saying my fears are “cis paranoia” (does she not see waving away my doubts as misogyny?) and transwomen are literally dying because of cis women’s paranoia. After gaslighting me for my worry about losing laws, reservations, protections under the definition of the word “woman”, she stopped replying. I doubt we have a friendship any longer. Other friend told me she’s shocked and uncomfortable with the discussion. I asked her to define the word woman and she said she didn’t know how to define it. An educated woman unable to define the word woman out of fear.

Doubt either will want to be my friend any longer. I spoke to my family about it. They agree. They live in the real world not on twitter so to them it is obvious women are women, and transwomen are transwomen. One of my friends accepted my position and understands deeper that gender stereotypes are a human creation to maintain the patriarchy.

Tired of men, tired of feminine socialization, tired of fear, India


I have been utterly ignored by all editors

This matters to me because single-sex spaces are a human right.

I have discussed the topic in private, and written polite, fact-based letters to the editor.

I have been utterly ignored by all editors. Apparently, the press isn’t interested in readers thinking for themselves and asking critical questions. (Unless they are celebrities, of course.)

Anonymous, Survivor, fed up with misogyny, Germany

Self employed / entrepreneurs

After 30 years in the trade union movement, for the first time I can honestly say I felt fearful for my safety

I have a daughter and a granddaughter. I want them to be able to live their lives free from oppressive and restrictive stereotypes that limit what they can do, achieve, how they chose to live. Trans rights is representative of the very worst misogyny I have ever experienced. As a senior trade union officer, after 30 years in the trade union movement, for the first time I can honestly say I felt fearful for my safety and well being because of trans activists.

I have written articles in the Morning Star. I have tried to limit the damage done by the TUC and trade unions adopting wholesale Stonewall policy. I have tried as far as possible to work behind the scenes with other like minded women in unions. I have had numerous conversations with friends and family to raise awareness. I have never felt so silenced in my life and I am a woman who has led strikes and worked at a senior level in trade unions. I do what I can on social media.

I felt I had to leave my job as I could not promote my union’s policies on the GRA and trans rights that I personally opposed. I have lost good friends and comrades.  I expect to lose more before this is over. It is hard to be seen as a bigot by people when you have spent decades working for equality and social justice. 

Trish, Former Trade Union Officer


They completely sold out on true humanist beliefs and it was intolerable to remain a member

I am a humanist and believe strongly in science and do not believe religious beliefs to be true.  I had to leave Humanists UK as they submitted a submission to the GRA consultation that was based on gender ideology. They completely sold out on true humanist beliefs and it was intolerable to remain a member. They treated members who spoke up very poorly.

I have been a lesbian ally for over 35 years so am horrified by the misogyny and aggression being directed at lesbians for being same sex attracted and for defending their right to be so. I also am a history graduate and it is clear to see that the female sex has been discriminated and oppressed throughout recent recorded history on the basis of sex.

It is therefore important to be able to define what a woman is in order to describe the experience of women, record their experiences and data as to how they are treated so discrimination can be addressed.

I got MP to write several letters especially to EHRC about how they have not treated protected characteristics even handedly. Arranged meetings with local Lib Dem candidate and had some good conversations with him about gender issues. Established that he is happy to support women’s rights as well as trans rights and has very sound overall views. Spoken out in local autism group and circles but received no support as most parents don’t want to know and feel very awkward over subject.

I’ve spoken to a parent of a gender questioning child and given her information but she has decided to take child down the trans path. Written many times to National Autistic Society to no avail  -they just batted everything away or issued meaningless platitudes.

I have an awkward situation now in local autism support group with a mother actively supporting transition of her teen daughter. I don’t feel I can speak out any more as would be hugely disapproved of. Am very sad re daughter who is extremely troubled and think will not benefit from transition ie her issues will remain. I am lucky as haven’t had many consequences . Have more had friends say they totally agree but can say nothing as they would lose their jobs in universities or media.

Heather, Adult Human Female Believer in  truth and science. Disbeliever of Religion and Ideology

Healthcare Others

I feel excluded from forums that previously welcomed me

As an old rad feminist I’m genuinely frightened by what’s happening. This is the biggest attack on women’s rights since we first gained them; it’s a huge safeguarding issue; it’s directly linked to the rise of misogyny, to the pornification of society.

I’ve joined public and private GC women’s groups, supported others through crowdfunders, with advice and on line, written to my (Labour) MP and met with them (to no avail), made FoI requests of our devolved government about a lack of an EA in their trans policy (no joy), leafleted the Welsh Labour Party conference, talked to friends and family to try to raise awareness.

I became a member of our Children’s Commissioner’s advisory group but have yet to find a way to have the necessary face-to-face discussions. Mainly personal stress/distress at the lack of political concern/interest (at best) and outright hostility at worst. I am involved in social justice / community-building initiatives and had an excellent relationship with local politicians. This has come to an end, undermining my capacity to make a positive difference. I feel excluded from forums that previously welcomed me.

Vanessa, old, tired, disenfranchised but still fighting