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I saw women being attacked at the Anarchist Bookfair in 2017

Initially, I cared because I saw women being attacked at the Anarchist Bookfair in 2017 and the annual bookfair ending as a result. Since, I have been profoundly shocked by the misogyny of transactivists and the othering of their critics. As an affluent straight middle-aged white male, it all tends to be rather abstract, but I just can’t get past transactivists denying gender is a social-power construct within capitalism and the fact they vociferously accuse lesbians of being vagina fetishists but don’t apply that logic to straight men. The whole area of gender reassignment for children is very disturbing.

I used the fact that our radical publishers had a bookstall at the 2018 Radical Bookfair at Goldsmiths to help Jeni Harvey publish a pamphlet to be displayed their. This resulted in a very public confrontation with trans-activists and our ejection from the fair.

We, Chronos Publications, are now effectively banned from the remaining Anarchist bookfairs and the Radical bookfair. For example, the T&Cs for the latest ‘Anarchist Festival’ encourages attendees to take direct action against hate-speech. That’ll be us then based previous experience. We can’t get books placed in Freedom and their are some issues with Housmans. Other radical booksellers have secretly shown support but can’t say anything publicly.

Bryn Bazzard, Bryn, not seeking authority through one liner bio

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I also care about ‘the wrong type of trans’

I care about this issue because this affects all of us.  From women being allowed single sex spaces and the fight against misogyny for that, to children being medically transed by woke parents.  Child safeguarding is a massive concern within this agenda.  I also care about ‘the wrong type of trans’, these people just want to get on with things and contribute to society in a normal way.

I have lost several twitter accounts due to speaking out about women’s rights.  I have supported small independent rad fem businesses.  I have donated to crowd funders and spread awareness of the issues we face.

I’ve experienced TRA pile ons, dealt with furries, MAPs and a whole load of inbetweens, trying to normalise their behaviour. 

V, Terf

Voluntary sector

As an ex prisoner I was horrified at the policies allowing men into women’s prisons

I came to the transgender debate via 3 main channels. Firstly as an ex prisoner I was horrified at the policies allowing men into women’s prisons and could not imagine the thought of women I’d known and cared about having to share cell and living space with men, particularly knowing how traumatised by men many of those women had been. That was my introduction.

Secondly as a lesbian I was alarmed to see the increasing numbers of young lesbians being referred to gender clinics, and realising that their self hatred and discomfort was being used to legitimise what I came to see as a men’s sexual rights movement.

Thirdly, I have a daughter, and while I’ve always called myself a feminist, the call to activism came as a measure to try and make the world better for her and my friend’s daughters. Silence was not an option.

I have over the past 6 years become increasingly vocal against the trans lobby. I have joined many feminist groups, helped develop and execute campaigns with ReSisters, Fair Play for Women and many others. I’ve organised and taken part in many protests, including marching at the front of Manchester Pride with Get The L Out.

I attracted nationwide controversy when I was barred from my local pub for wearing a feminist T shirt. This attracted a lot of press coverage and radio interviews in which I tried to take the opportunity to bring the issues to an audience outside feminism.

More recently I’ve been concentrating on the issues facing detransitioned women and the unique challenges they face. I will continue to work to elevate their voices and I will never stop asking hard questions about trans ideology.

The first thing to happen was that I lost 70% of my friends locally and was threatened with violence from people in my town whom I have never met nor would even recognise on the street, which was a little disconcerting.

I run charity projects providing aid to refugee women and my main donation base is women, specifically mothers, who may pull funding if they know I’m a vocal activist, so keeping these projects separate is always a tightrope act.

The main harrassment I receive is online, which is easily brushed off, but being painted as a bigot in my home town has been difficult. Especially when it’s coming from people who’ve known me for years and know that I’m the opposite. I think possibly the most negative consequence has been really, properly seeing the misogyny that pervades every aspect of life and once you see it there’s really no going back. On the bright side though, the women I’ve met through feminism have been the best friends I’ve ever had and I have no doubt that together we can pull the plug on all this madness.

Rebekah W, Gobby lesbian single mum with pockets full of terrifying feminist propaganda

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I have joined the equality committee of my union to try to make a difference.

I am worried about the effect of transgender ideology on women’s rights. For example, “gender” replacing “sex” on official forms, equality law being misrepresented with “gender Identity” cited as a protected characteristic when it is not and “sex” omitted, former women’s toilets being made “gender neutral” while the men’s is left as it is and the overall misogyny of a movement that insists on labelling women “cis” and calling us “transphobic” for wanting to talk to other women about our bodies.

I have posted on social media (Twitter) anonymously. I am afraid to use my real name because of the hatred and harassment by trans activists I have seen. I have stated concerns in a “feminist” group on Facebook but was thrown out by a man for refusing to state “TWAW”. I have discussed the issues with friends in real life. I have stated concerns about the lack of women’s toilets in a union meeting. I have joined the equality committee of my union to try to make a difference.

I have been removed from an online “feminist” group and been shouted down at a trade union meeting. I have been verbally abused on social media which confirms that my decision to remain anonymous is the correct one.

Sarah B., Feminist who believes that any form of feminism that centres male people is not feminism


I once was a TRA, and considered myself a trans man/non binary

This matters to me because I can’t unsee the truth, that this is a bigger threat to women, homosexuals and free speech than I had ever imagined possible. I had no idea how quickly and easily all our legal rights could be taken away, and how much hated and indifference society and men feel towards women.

I once was a TRA, and considered myself a trans man/non binary. But deep down I knew the rhetoric I was trying to convince myself was progressive and forward thinking was the most regressive sexism and entirely because of trauma.

I now consider much of the gender movement a cult, promoting an entirely nonsensical agenda which is applicable to pretty much anyone who isn’t a walking stereotype, and conveying transition as a wonderful, liberating journey, rather than a serious medical undertaking with many risks, and irreversible and unknown consequences.

The thing I find the most unbelievable, other than the most insane misogyny I’ve ever seen, is the attack on free speech. The complete complicity of the media, government, NHS, the police and many public figures who are not only parroting rhetoric they themselves cannot explain, but aggressively denounce groups like a Woman’s Place UK and LGB Alliance as hateful. That anyone could watch the videos or read the website of the former and view it as bigoted hate makes me feel like I’m living under Stasi dictatorship, where something is so obviously wrong, yet everyone is publicly paying tribute to the ideology in the face of all evidence, reason, and plain sanity.

I am active on social media ‘under an alias’ and speak about it with trusted friends and colleagues.

I’ve had aggressive responses online. But in person no, only because I keep it completely secret most of the time.

CJ, GC women’s rights activist, CJ_liberte

Public Sector

A colleague suggested drag for under 5s sessions

I am chilled by the unwillingness to debate a rights conflict. The tsunami of misogyny directed at women with the courage to speak makes me sick. I think language is so important; women need our words to describe ourselves, it’s not hateful or unreasonable. I am so disappointed in the left, I feel politically homeless.

Very little, I suffer from anxiety and I am too scared. I work in the library service in London. Pronouns are appearing in email signatures, a colleague suggested drag for under 5s sessions (I did say something about there being reasonable, not transphobic, not homophobic, objections to this). Even in a public service environment I am afraid to say too much for fear of being labelled a bigot.

I’ve said very little but no overt reaction to the little I did say.

Jane W

Public Sector

Language will be changed to disregard “women”

I care because as a woman I am terrified of the misogyny from people. I am terrified our rights will be removed and language will be changed to disregard “women” I am scared for the future just to appease the minority.

I’ve posted on social media and discussed in work.

I have been called a terf by a colleague in work.

Louise, It isn’t Hate to speak the Trith, Bumcrackannie


I’m also horrified by medical treatment of gender non-conformity

I believe women should retain their sex-based rights and sexual orientation refers to sex, not gender. I’m also horrified by medical treatment of gender non-conformity, same-sex attraction, and girls who wish to escape the reality of being female.

I’ve spoken up with friends, family, online. I’ve written an article in the misogyny and homophobia of “gender identity” ideology.

I’ve lost friends, but had no employment problems.

H. M. , Homo. Not ‘Queer’. Not ‘Cis’, New Zealand


I’ve seen young lesbians trying to turn themselves into men where I work

I care about this issue because I’ve realised that women and girls are losing their rights to men. Also, because of controlled speech – everyone is losing their right to freely use correct biological pronouns when addressing others – freedom to tell the truth.

I care because I know lots of adult lesbians who wished they were a boy when their breasts started growing, grew out of it, and now are perfectly okay with turning out to be lesbians. I care because I’ve seen young lesbians trying to turn themselves into men where I work – a twenty year old has grown hair on her face and had her breasts removed. She looks like a girl with a hairy face and no breasts. Social contagion is destroying young people’s bodies.

No baby is born in the wrong body. I think it’s stemming from homophobia- it’s better to pretend to be the opposite sex than to be a lesbian.

Transgender women – men pretending to be women and demanding rights that destroy women’s rights is a different kettle of fish. A fetish. Autogynephilia. It stems from misogyny from jealousy.  They see women as subservient sex objects, so they mimic badly and play out their fetishes all day. I don’t want to share female places with them.

I have joined social media ( which is a big move for me ), tried to learn more about the issue, and started to speak out to friends and colleagues and family. I’ve spoken up in online groups and been kicked out of them. Where I live it’s a very small community so that’s made it hard to meet people. I’m fairly new to speaking up, but feel I must on this issue. It’s a start.

I’ve been made to leave online social groups because of saying, politely, that LGB should drop the rest of the alphabet as they’ve nothing in common with transgender people. Where I live, that’s difficult.

Doc, Enough is enough


I used to be a trans ally, 100% about TWAW

I used to be a trans ally, 100% about TWAW. However, back of my mind was always “where does this logically take us” Then I read about terfs, and how horrible they are. I discovered I agreed with everything they said. Men are not women, porn is not empowering and sex work is not like other work. Then I read all the hatred towards these woman and started getting filled with despair and depression. I just could not believe the world had gone so haywire. I started getting enraged.

I care because our rights as women are disappearing, how men have colonized women and taken our sports, and have taken over and bastardized feminism. All their pushing for sex work and kids to be in states of perpetual puberty. I could not stay silent anymore.

I started off anonymously on Twitter, then was banned after I refused to call a man who posted a pic of himself with an assault weapon and the words Kill Terfs, a woman. I was banned. His post stayed.

I then started talking at work, here and there. I started talking to my girlfriends and my sisters. I started posting GC stuff on my facebook and then I started challenging the pro trans people I met. I met up with a rad fem group where I live and attended a Megan Murphy talk at the TPL, which was protested by 1000 men and antifa screaming Shame in my face.

I post all the time about this issue so people can see what is happening to women and understand this extreme misogyny is not a vulnerable minority, it is a men’s rights group with a ton of power. It has nothing to do with the left.

I have been banned twice from twitter, once over the man with the gun and the second over the man who claimed JK Rowling was a pedophile. I refused to use pronouns. I have been called a Nazi by an old friend. A long time love called me a transphobic bigot and I continue to be told “I am obsessed”. Of course I am, we are fighting for our very rights. I have also been shunned professionally by a VP who I attended rallies with. Suddenly I was a right wing bigot.

Deanna S, left wing socialist GC\Radfem. Never backing down, Canada