I care about the rights of women to have spaces of our own

I am a woman and I care about the rights of women to speak about our lived experiences, to have spaces of our own, and to be homosexual without being shamed.

I have spoken out on social media and spoken to friends and family to let them know how I feel.

I have been shamed, defriended, and removed from groups on social media for my views.  Luckily in real life I have not experienced backlash yet, but I have been careful about who I share my views with.

RM, a gender critical mom, US


Disagreeing with someone does not equal hate

I’m a Christian, and a supporter of free speech. I am dismayed at the increasing intolerance for any unpopular or minority view in the name of “tolerance”. Disagreeing with someone does not equal hate. I believe every person should be treated with full dignity and respect, all of us being created in the image of God – but I don’t believe a man can become a woman, or vice versa. I am also deeply concerned about young autistic teenagers, in particular, being harmed by transgender philosophy and making decisions at a young age which they will regret.

I’ve attended a consultation on Hate Crime (in part because I fear speaking up on this issue will become a hate crime in criminal law as well as in public opinion), and I’ve written to MSPs in relation to hate crime.

I haven’t had any negative consequences – but I am not on Twitter or other social media.


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I care because I want female rights protected while helping transpeople live well

I have supported crowd funding for individuals who have lost jobs because of their views. I have challenged individuals in my family and social circle who are supportive of recent trans activism

I have been accused of being discriminatory and of supporting people who will  harm the mental health of trans children in particular

B, Supporting human rights


I lived half of my life under a communist regime – I recognise Big Brother tactics.

I am  a foreign national and an official Interpreter, Translator and Private Tutor. I can say that I lived the first half of my life in a communist country and the other half in the UK. Because of that I have a really good perspective on what is going on about women’s rights being eroded by the trans agenda. I

became vocal about it when I found out about the GRA “consultation” in 2018. I could not believe that such an important consultation that would impact on half of the population is being kept secret, really. You could not find out about it from the media, BBC kept completely shtum about it. That is why I joined a private group where we aimed at advertising that consultation, I talked to anybody I could trust about it. Because of my job I have to be very careful in public, as I need to be seen neutral on the subject. I even attended a Trans Awareness Course  for Interpreters just to see how they are trying to brainwash people. That was quite an experience. I was thankful to FAIR PLAY FOR WOMEN who significantly simplified answering the questions on the GRA forms so that you did not have to spend 3 hours filling it all in. I managed to invite to take part in it lots of my Facebook friends whose English was not good enough to attempt answering the survey.

I mentioned living half of my life under a communist regime. That is why I can clearly see the similarities between the two agendas in their Big Brother tactics.

I am so pleased that BBC, Woman’s Hour, The Daily Mail, The Sunday Times and countless brave individuals have started being vocal about those issues and this country seems a lot freer than of late, as a result.


This matters to me because women are disadvantaged because of their biology

Accepting transwomen as women undermines the gains that women have made and any future progress.

I have tweeted in support of GC on Twitter and re-tweeted to my followers.

I have discussed the issue with friends.

The only consequences I have had are the usual Shut up Terf etc. on Twitter. Some more threatening than others. Some seem to have an obsession with my appearance but I’m way too old to care.

I generally just block and move on.

Ces, Feminism and football


A birth certificate should be a legal document of Truth not a pretence

Matters because women are and have been oppressed throughout history all over the world because they are biologically different from men. That is the only reason.

We therefore need protections because of this. To redefine the word woman to mean anybody who identifies as such completely removes any legal protections specifically for women.

I object to to the word woman being Redefined to include anyone born male. Being a woman is not something that can be identified into by anyone born male. It is offensive to me that this is even being considered. I cannot believe that we have created a situation where somebody who is biologically male can change their legal birth certificate to make it a falsehood. Nobody can change their sex. You are born the sex you are born and you remain that sex until you die. If I give birth to a male child I do not want that birth certificate to be able to be altered to pretend that I gave birth to a female child when it is not true. A birth certificate should be a legal document of Truth not a pretence.

I have contributed greatly to threads on Mumsnet feminist board. I have joined several secret Facebook groups to discussed the matter. I have campaigned with fairplayforwomen handing out leaflets in my local area and explaining to people about the government’s consultation for amendments to the gender recognition act. I am very vocal on Twitter where I have have allied myself again with fair play for women. I have been to many of the woman’s place meetings. I have been to a meeting held in Manchester about detransitioners which was very moving. I have taken part in in Greater Manchester resistors acts of resistance including reassigning unisex toilets and taking them back for females only. I have adult human female stickers and I sticker in my local area when I am out and about.

I have been abused on social media constantly. I’ve argued with people I know on social media and tend not to mention it anymore on Facebook because people don’t seem to want to discuss anything political if it goes against the current woke ideology. People do not seem capable of critical thought about this they just assume that it is lumped in with LGBT rights and so it is progressive.

Kath yer Mum Wife Sister Daughter Woman #adulthumanfemale


I used to think very differently

I care because women need to be protected from men and the female experience is unique

I am in the process of collecting knowledge. I used to think very differently.

I am being very careful with my words. But I would lose many friends.

Lena, Germany


I am Canadian and only recently learned of some incidents

I had no idea about the consequences of this.  Am flabbergasted at the vitriol/adolescent-like manipulation of those pushing this on entire populations (my husband either).  I cannot believe women’s words & spaces are being erased.  – the waxing one happened 30 mins from me and I had no idea 🤬🤬🤬.  Liberal Party of Canada voter my whole life.  Never again.  I’m going to have to vote freaking bigoted Conservative just so my daughter can be called a woman 🤬🤬.  In short – I am pissed off.  For the record I do not consider myself a feminist & am normally live & let live, but this is straight outta the misogyny handbook.

I’ve just liked things on Twitter – I will lose my job & my family’s security if I speak up even though I am firmly pro-trans rights.  I just happen to believe that giving one group rights at the expense of another is bullshit.

I keep my thoughts to myself in real life.

M, a concerned woman, Canada


I’ve raised the issues with trusted family members and friends

I’m concerned about sex-based rights for females, and the growing trend of female youth to identify as male, under such confusing circumstances.

I’ve raised the issues with trusted family members and friends. Most have been reasonable and appalled at what they’ve heard.

I lost a very close friend.

C, Critical Beaver, criticalbeaver, Canada


I feel I’m being robbed of my identity as a woman

I feel I’m being robbed of my identity as a woman. I’m not transphobic – I truly believe people should be allowed to live as they want to, but not at the cost of others. Women have fought long and hard to be heard and now we’re not allowed to be called women in case it offends men that have decided to become women? I hate the term TERF and I’ve seen so much hate and threats of violence towards women who speak out.

I’ve tweeted a few times and I’ve spoken to my fiancé about it. I’m scared to be honest because I’ve seen the backlash other people have suffered from speaking up.