A birth certificate should be a legal document of Truth not a pretence

Matters because women are and have been oppressed throughout history all over the world because they are biologically different from men. That is the only reason.

We therefore need protections because of this. To redefine the word woman to mean anybody who identifies as such completely removes any legal protections specifically for women.

I object to to the word woman being Redefined to include anyone born male. Being a woman is not something that can be identified into by anyone born male. It is offensive to me that this is even being considered. I cannot believe that we have created a situation where somebody who is biologically male can change their legal birth certificate to make it a falsehood. Nobody can change their sex. You are born the sex you are born and you remain that sex until you die. If I give birth to a male child I do not want that birth certificate to be able to be altered to pretend that I gave birth to a female child when it is not true. A birth certificate should be a legal document of Truth not a pretence.

I have contributed greatly to threads on Mumsnet feminist board. I have joined several secret Facebook groups to discussed the matter. I have campaigned with fairplayforwomen handing out leaflets in my local area and explaining to people about the government’s consultation for amendments to the gender recognition act. I am very vocal on Twitter where I have have allied myself again with fair play for women. I have been to many of the woman’s place meetings. I have been to a meeting held in Manchester about detransitioners which was very moving. I have taken part in in Greater Manchester resistors acts of resistance including reassigning unisex toilets and taking them back for females only. I have adult human female stickers and I sticker in my local area when I am out and about.

I have been abused on social media constantly. I’ve argued with people I know on social media and tend not to mention it anymore on Facebook because people don’t seem to want to discuss anything political if it goes against the current woke ideology. People do not seem capable of critical thought about this they just assume that it is lumped in with LGBT rights and so it is progressive.

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I saw the damage she had done to herself and the relief she felt when she detransitioned

I am a lesbian mother of daughters. I work with children. I knew a trans-identified female when I was younger and I saw the damage she had done to herself and the relief she felt when she detransitioned. Denial of material reality threatens the safeguarding of women and children.

I have attended marches and demonstrations. I have contributed to government consultations and online discussions on social media. I have talked to family and friends. I have an anonymised social media presence and an associated podcast.

I have lost friends and acquaintances. I have been reported to my college for being “transphobic”. I have had my social media profile reported.

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As an ex prisoner I was horrified at the policies allowing men into women’s prisons

I came to the transgender debate via 3 main channels. Firstly as an ex prisoner I was horrified at the policies allowing men into women’s prisons and could not imagine the thought of women I’d known and cared about having to share cell and living space with men, particularly knowing how traumatised by men many of those women had been. That was my introduction.

Secondly as a lesbian I was alarmed to see the increasing numbers of young lesbians being referred to gender clinics, and realising that their self hatred and discomfort was being used to legitimise what I came to see as a men’s sexual rights movement.

Thirdly, I have a daughter, and while I’ve always called myself a feminist, the call to activism came as a measure to try and make the world better for her and my friend’s daughters. Silence was not an option.

I have over the past 6 years become increasingly vocal against the trans lobby. I have joined many feminist groups, helped develop and execute campaigns with ReSisters, Fair Play for Women and many others. I’ve organised and taken part in many protests, including marching at the front of Manchester Pride with Get The L Out.

I attracted nationwide controversy when I was barred from my local pub for wearing a feminist T shirt. This attracted a lot of press coverage and radio interviews in which I tried to take the opportunity to bring the issues to an audience outside feminism.

More recently I’ve been concentrating on the issues facing detransitioned women and the unique challenges they face. I will continue to work to elevate their voices and I will never stop asking hard questions about trans ideology.

The first thing to happen was that I lost 70% of my friends locally and was threatened with violence from people in my town whom I have never met nor would even recognise on the street, which was a little disconcerting.

I run charity projects providing aid to refugee women and my main donation base is women, specifically mothers, who may pull funding if they know I’m a vocal activist, so keeping these projects separate is always a tightrope act.

The main harrassment I receive is online, which is easily brushed off, but being painted as a bigot in my home town has been difficult. Especially when it’s coming from people who’ve known me for years and know that I’m the opposite. I think possibly the most negative consequence has been really, properly seeing the misogyny that pervades every aspect of life and once you see it there’s really no going back. On the bright side though, the women I’ve met through feminism have been the best friends I’ve ever had and I have no doubt that together we can pull the plug on all this madness.

Rebekah W, Gobby lesbian single mum with pockets full of terrifying feminist propaganda

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I work in a field that is full of trans-identified males

I care because if I had been born 10 or 20 years later, I am 100% certain I would have “transitioned” and would most likely now be among the growing number of detransitioners. I am horrified at the glorification of mutilation of women’s and children’s bodies as a “brave” “choice.” I am terrified for my own daughter and I hope that by the time she is old enough to learn about this shameful chapter in history, it will be just that: history, relegated to the dustbin.

I have not done nearly as much as I would like to. I work in a field that is full of trans-identified males and their vocal allies, and I cannot afford the career and economic consequences if I am blacklisted in my profession due to being smeared as a “TERF.” I am active on social media, for a time under my full name, but now under just my first name.

I have been very fortunate thus far to have avoided being targeted or doxxed by trans-rights “activists.” However, I am very afraid for my and my daughter’s future if I ever am.

M, concerned single mom, Germany


I escaped before I got as far as medical intervention but I now see the other side

This matters to me because I spent 5 years of my life (14-19) actively buying into transgender ideology. I identified as male for a number of years and also nonbinary, I did a full social transition. I detransitioned in May 2019. Thankfully, I escaped before I got as far as medical intervention but I now see the other side. Transgender is a dangerous cult. I am proud to be a woman and proud to be a lesbian. Transgender ideology harms lesbians (female homosexuals).

I have been speaking out publicly since June last year mainly on twitter @tjdetrans. I also have done a few interviews on youtube and also sky news, I have done a few public talks about my experiences. I recently wrote a longer article on my experiences “one year out-my story” on medium. Finally, I have been involved in a few pride protests… I was at the front of Manchester pride with my hand sewn banner “Gender Ideology Harms Lesbians” and also at Leeds with a similar banner. I speak very openly about my views on the subject.

I have had numerous encounters on Twitter with men telling me what I should be thinking, them claiming to be women etc. Transgender activists also hate my voice as they view me as a threat. At Leeds pride I had one woman I knew prior to detransition (Id nonbinary) shout “traitor” at me. I have also had several comments on YouTube about my appearance that have been rather negative.

Thomasin Pick, Detransitioned woman. Lesbian


I am angry about the drift towards rejecting the term “same-sex attraction”

I care about the conflation of sex and “gender identity” because it risks undermining the legal and political rights of women and lesbians. How can the pay gap be tracked when people who have achieved a top job as a male then identify as a woman, changing their employers statistics overnight and erasing any trace of the real picture? No longer being able to reliably record, collate and analyse statistics of the social, political and economic impact of our biological sex will make it impossible to have an evidence-based discussion about sexism and misogyny.

I am angry about the drift towards rejecting the term “same-sex attraction” and that organisations such as Stonewall are not supporting lesbians, and are actively silencing discussion on this issue.

I am very worried about the numbers of young lesbians that report that they resorted to defining themselves as non-binary, asexual or “queer”, often being coerced into having relationships with males, and taking several years to realise that they were lesbians.

I am very proud of those young women now detransitioning/desisting from a trans identity, but am very upset about their experiences of a conveyor-belt approach to hastily validating and medicalising their trans identity, with no consideration of the other factors that had led them to start on this path, and no exploration/promotion of the possibility that they were lesbians.

Given that such a high proportion of those in prison who identify as “transwomen” are convicted of serious and sexual offences, then either there is a high proportion of transwomen who are perpetrators, or a high proportion of perpetrators who falsely claim to be transwomen – either way, including biological males in women-only spaces clearly adds a new and statistically very significant risk, and the silencing around discussing this is nothing new in the context of sexual and physical abuse.

I have initiated many discussions in real-life with people and have shared articles on social media. I have taken part in discussions on social media and tried to focus my thoughts on those who are new to this discussion and need to see something other than name-calling and antagonism.

I have had a huge amount of my time taken up by having to keep responding to antagonistic and accusatory comments, rather than leave them stand – it is difficult to get the balance between not allowing people to maliciously take up my time, and ensuring that they do not get to dictate the tone and context of the discussion. I have been very fearful of reprisals and targetting of organisations that I’m publicly associated with, so have always had to double-check everything I write/say.

Jill H, Lesbian feminist


If I were just 5 years younger I would now be either a very unhappy trans man or a detransitioner

I am a woman. I am a feminist (any feminism involves a critique of “gender” or it’s not feminism). I’m also a lesbian lady who shaves her head and occasionally wear ties and I have the unsettling feeling if I were just 5 years younger I would now be either a very unhappy trans man or a detransitioner. I wouldn’t experience the joy I feel at singing really high notes (crappy amateur soprano here). And of course, I care about freedom of speech. I won’t be compelled to see others exactly as they see themselves. As Dr. Jane Clare Jones say, that’s a form of ontological totalitarianism.

I’ve spoken to friends and family and all over social media (with my name). I am currently unemployed and lockdown has been quite restrictive over here up until quite recently. But I plan on meeting with other feminists in my home town.

I lost “a friend” because she tried to shame me for being a lesbian in its archaic “terfy” definition. That was the last straw in a wider pattern in our relationship, since it’s not the first time she is emotionally manipulative.

Estela, Language teacher, studying to become a civil servant, Spain

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I am a lesbian and object to being told that same-sex attraction is no longer “valid” and is transphobic.

I care because children and young people are being lied to by being told they can change sex. I care that female victims of abuse in refuges and prisons are being further abused by men claiming they are women.  I care because I am a lesbian and object to being told that same-sex attraction is no longer “valid” and is transphobic. I care because young lesbians are being told they are really boys. I care because of the tragic stories of young detransitioners.

I use my real name on Twitter to publicise the issue and history of transgender politics. I have attended meetings and demonstrations. I have supported crowdfunders. I have demonstrated with other lesbians at Prides. I have, with others, organised the 2019 Lesbian Strength march in Leeds. I have talked to friends who knew nothing about the issue. I responded to both the Westminster and Scottish governments’ GRA consultations.

I was suspended from Twitter for asking a question about DNA at a crime scene.

I have lost friends.

I have been asked not to discuss the issue at family gatherings.

I avoid talking about the issue on my Facebook which is mainly family and old friends and restrict my discussion of this to private groups.

Dr Lesley “Ancient Dyke” Semmens , Radical Feminist, Retired Academic

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I’ve been horrified by the levels of groupthink and bullying I’ve seen

I’ve never been happy with masculine gender roles & had a ‘trans’ phase in my teens; I mostly kept it to myself, and it passed. It’s a sad experience to have, but men who have it aren’t women, and can’t speak as or for women – and they can’t literally change sex.

I’m alarmed that these basic truths are now being denied, particularly on the Left – it seems like a betrayal of the gains of feminism. I’ve also been horrified by the levels of groupthink and bullying I’ve seen, and the ‘cancelling’ of good socialists by their former allies and friends (e.g. Laura Pidcock).

I’ve done very little, least of all under my own name – a reply to the odd consultation, a few conversations on blogs and Twitter, a few (very difficult) conversations with my children.

I’ve removed identifying details on Twitter after a TRA (trans rights activist) made threatening noises (“I’m surprised that someone in your position”, etc). Even so, most of my friends and contacts – on social media, IRL, at work – don’t know my views on this, and for now I’m keeping it that way.

To date, two people have broken with me on social media; they’re both people I’d known for 20 years, and one I had counted as a friend IRL (in real life). If I were more open with my views I’m sure I’d lose many more contacts and friends, and I’m concerned that there might be consequences for my job.



I am a detransitioned FTM and we are never heard or cared about

I care because I am a detransitioned FTM (female to male) and we are never heard or cared about. There are virtually little to no resources for us.

I have been published as a case study in the book “Gender Hurts” by Sheila Jeffreys. My autobiographical piece was included in the book “Dispatches from Lesbian America.”  I was interviewed in the piece “What is a Woman” by Michelle Goldberg for the New Yorker magazine.

I have a now largely defunct blog where I discussed the path back to embracing my biological sex.  I spoke at the Radfems Respond conference in Portland. I have spoken out on Facebook and Twitter. I have been interviewed on video by both The Evil Feminist and by a media channel named Out Here in the Redwoods.

I have been stalked by a trans woman in particular in real life, lost friend groups in both trans activist and radical feminist spaces, gotten doxxed, gotten more rape and death threats than I could count.

I’ve had my physical appearance mocked/ridiculed. Told I was a “failed man” by trans activists and a “mutilated woman” by radical feminists.

Heath Atom Birilli, Just another lesbian woman trying to survive a woman-hating and lesbophobic world, USA