I am a detransitioned FTM and we are never heard or cared about

I care because I am a detransitioned FTM (female to male) and we are never heard or cared about. There are virtually little to no resources for us.

I have been published as a case study in the book “Gender Hurts” by Sheila Jeffreys. My autobiographical piece was included in the book “Dispatches from Lesbian America.”  I was interviewed in the piece “What is a Woman” by Michelle Goldberg for the New Yorker magazine.

I have a now largely defunct blog where I discussed the path back to embracing my biological sex.  I spoke at the Radfems Respond conference in Portland. I have spoken out on Facebook and Twitter. I have been interviewed on video by both The Evil Feminist and by a media channel named Out Here in the Redwoods.

I have been stalked by a trans woman in particular in real life, lost friend groups in both trans activist and radical feminist spaces, gotten doxxed, gotten more rape and death threats than I could count.

I’ve had my physical appearance mocked/ridiculed. Told I was a “failed man” by trans activists and a “mutilated woman” by radical feminists.

Heath Atom Birilli, Just another lesbian woman trying to survive a woman-hating and lesbophobic world, USA