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He uses women’s facilities. He’s a danger to all young women and girls

I’m a woman and I care about women’s rights to privacy, safety, and definition as a class of people; female. When I was 16 I was groomed online to provide sexual favours for a 21 year old man who lives in the UK. He probably still has illegal photos of me.

For nearly eight years he made me believe that he loved me and we would live together. He lied to me to get close to me and use me, then throw me away when I stopped being useful to him, When I started asking hard questions. He gaslighted many women in the same way. He told me he treats all of his female friends the same way. I didn’t see him for the predator he is until he was out of my life.

He’s an invisible predator and right now he is still abusing young women and girls and there’s nothing I can do to stop him. He uses women’s facilities. He’s a danger to all young women and girls. There’s no justice for me, or my lost sanity. His collective lies drove me mad and nearly killed me for a time. I’m better now, but nothing can make up for what he put me through. I want predators like him barred from impersonating women. I want all of the women he meets to be warned of his guilt everywhere he goes. He is not a woman.

I mostly talk with my family, I comment and share things on social media. I sign petitions and write to government and some organizations to oppose gender identity.

I literally have no friends left, but one of them was my abuser, so good riddance.

Hanna, artist, writer

Healthcare Parent

Coming across a group of trans identifying men in the women’s toilets in a restaurant was a shock and I felt intimidated

I care because like all women, growing up female I suffered sexual harassment from the age of 11 until menopause. Knowing that women’s and children’s safety was being weakened and threatened in my lifetime was a call to action. It was not going to happen on my watch!

Coming across a group of trans identifying men in the women’s toilets in a restaurant was a shock and I felt intimidated. I asked them to leave, I was told to “Fuck off, we have a right to be here you ugly little trsnsphobe”. It was reported to the restaurant manager who did nothing. Imagine if a young girl or child had gone into that toilet alone!

I have joined the local radfems group and attend regular meetings. I attended the Women’s Place UK.conference in London.

I regularly post stickers around my town and have written to my MP.

I talk to friends and explain what is happening.

I tweet. I have lost an old friend who was a Labour PPC and am nervous to broach the topic with other political friends.

I have to keep quiet at work.

Hyacinth Bucket, Lifelong labour and TU activist and employee

Healthcare Parent

Single sex spaces – a negative experience

Several years ago, a friend and I walked into a public bathroom with my friends then 6 year old daughter, ‘K’.  At the wash basin was an individual dressed as a woman, but otherwise their appearance was very much male. Short hair, facial hair, tattoos on the arms etc. K asked quite loudly as children will, why is that man in the girls room? 

My friend, trying to be diplomatic, shushed her daughter and said that all ladies can use a ladies room. K said, but he’s a man, in a dress. At this point the individual, flashed us his entire male genitalia and said he identifies as a woman and if we don’t like it, suck this. 

My friend grabbed K, we fled with K’s urine running down my friends trousers as we went. Personally, I was terrified, intimidated, embarrassed and utterly shocked. My friend was understandably both furious and heartbroken that her daughter had witnessed that, and K, now approaching 13 remains frightened of men. 

I am sure there are many, many genuinely trans women that would never dream of this type of behaviour. I don’t know if this individual was just fed up of being denied as a woman or if he was in fact as I believe, a predator. Either way, as far as I am concerned, especially now I have young children of my own, whatever rights people think they should have, children’s rights should come first and foremost every single time. 

Generally I don’t believe that trans women are a problem, predators are the problem and predators come from all walks of life. That being said, when I see twitter comments such as ‘JKR can suck my trans lady d**k’, I am reminded of that awful day and the fact that ladies do not say suck my d**k to ladies. 

I don’t have the answers for the trans community on how they can feel included, but I am compelled to say that I stand with JKR and single sex spaces should be protected. 

I am yet to post anything publicly or on social media .This is the first time.

Concerned mum, Wishing to keep sex real

Trans rights activists

It scares me that GC feminists cannot see the consequences of supporting what is a far right/fascist stance

So much of Gender Critical/radical feminism, forces women into boxes and denies them the fullness of their gender expression. trans exclusion derides women who enjoy makeup (“woman face”), and also for wearing jeans and t-shirts (“not trying hard enough”). It also threatens women’s bodily autonomy and it scares me that GC feminists cannot see the consequences of supporting what is a far right/fascist stance. I don’t want my grandchildren to have to fight for the right to abortion all over again, for example.

As previously indicated – I also fill in those stupid surveys that some of the GC women do, where the questions are skewed towards gaining a specific answer.

Sometimes a GC feminist blocks me on facebook or twitter, and I sometimes get called a handmaiden. Which is actually pretty funny, when you think about it.

imelda, i enjoy a laugh

Trans rights activists

Spreading hatred against a minority group is not only illegal, but totally anti-feminist

This matters to me because spreading hatred against a minority group is not only illegal, but totally anti-feminist. I care because I want all people to be protected and have equal access to appropriate spaces. I speak out because I will not stand by and watch adults harm trans children.

I have donated to LGBTQ+ orgs and charities. I have been in contact with my MP, I have written to magazines and newspapers, I have left comments on articles, I have shared information on my social media accounts, I have volunteered with trans children and their parents to ensure they have the correct information and support.

I have lost friends over my stance and I am abused daily on public sites like Twitter for speaking my mind and giving people correct information. I have experienced more verbal abuse from anti-trans women and men than I have from anyone else. I don’t list where I study or volunteer despite my belief that they will back me up.

DH, Concerned LGBTQ+ youth work volunteer

Trans rights activists

I’m on the right side of history and those whose insides aren’t rotted by bigotry can see the benefit

This matters to me because Trans rights are human rights. Ours trans siblings are currently the victims of an egregious smear campaign from the same sources who tried and failed to hold back others in the queer community.

The arguments being made by TERFs and gender critical individuals are dog whistles designed to hide their inherently transphobic views.

Trans people are much more likely to make attempts to end their lives and deserve our solidarity, protection and love. Trans children should know that there are others like them out there and that they will be loved and accepted no matter what their gender identity.

I have lobbied my workplace to introduce policies on trans inclusion, change parental leave policies to make them truly inclusive and gender neutral and attended pride parades in solidarity with my trans siblings.

No negative consequences from speaking up because I’m on the right side of history and those whose insides aren’t rotted by bigotry can see the benefit allowing trans people to live free from persecution.

Joel, Trans Ally

Trans rights activists

This matters to me because trans women are women

This matters to me because trans women are women. The vile bigoted attacks on women for being trans are offensive to me as a feminist. As an abortion rights activist, I’m offended by the anti-trans activists who want to specify in law that abortions are for women only, thus ensuring trans men who need abortions may have their health and safety put at risk.

I argue with anti-trans activists on Twitter. I have written to Mumsnet to object their support for transphobic bigotry on this site. I’ve written blogposts supporting equality for all women, cis and trans, and supporting GRA Reform. I’ve taken part in the GRA consultation at the Westminster Parliament and Holyrood. I make clear in situations where anti-trans bigotry is being said or implied that I stand as a feminist with *all* women, both cis and trans.

I have had my account suspended on Twitter a couple of times by anti-trans trolls who blocked and reported me.

Jane Carnall, Feminist, blogger, abortion rights activist

Trans rights activists

Transphobia is a hate crime

Transphobia is a hate crime.

I use every platform available to spread the message that transphobia is a hate crime.

I’ve been verbally and physically assaulted by TERFs (no, it’s not a slur). Imagine being so full of hate for people like me who are fighting for their basic human rights to exist that you’d do anything to make them miserable. Well it’s not working!

Frank, Non binary person occupying my small patch of earth while TERFs get mad about it, Australia

Media and Arts

I got myself in a lot of trouble in my ‘queer’ community

I care because it’s dogmatic and dishonest movement that misrepresents the views of gender critical feminists as bigots rather than people that fight for female rights.

I got myself in a lot of trouble in my ‘queer’ community.

Male drag queens I know hate me and are threatening.

Rachel C – 25 year old television writer and politics graduate

Trans rights activists

Biology, psychology, and sociology are all in favour of trans people

I care because transgender individuals deserve the right to live as any other human being. They are born human, and bleed red just like everyone else. They do not need transphobes making their life worse because of “basic” biology, because if a transphobe actually cared enough to research, they’d find biology, psychology, and sociology are all in favour of trans people. They do not seek to erase women’s rights. They have their own struggles.

I have been on social media and talked in favour of trans people, signed petitions, and discussed how trans rights are human rights with my peers.

I have been harassed on social media for speaking up for an oppressed minority, and have lost friends.