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Single sex spaces – a negative experience

Several years ago, a friend and I walked into a public bathroom with my friends then 6 year old daughter, ‘K’.  At the wash basin was an individual dressed as a woman, but otherwise their appearance was very much male. Short hair, facial hair, tattoos on the arms etc. K asked quite loudly as children will, why is that man in the girls room? 

My friend, trying to be diplomatic, shushed her daughter and said that all ladies can use a ladies room. K said, but he’s a man, in a dress. At this point the individual, flashed us his entire male genitalia and said he identifies as a woman and if we don’t like it, suck this. 

My friend grabbed K, we fled with K’s urine running down my friends trousers as we went. Personally, I was terrified, intimidated, embarrassed and utterly shocked. My friend was understandably both furious and heartbroken that her daughter had witnessed that, and K, now approaching 13 remains frightened of men. 

I am sure there are many, many genuinely trans women that would never dream of this type of behaviour. I don’t know if this individual was just fed up of being denied as a woman or if he was in fact as I believe, a predator. Either way, as far as I am concerned, especially now I have young children of my own, whatever rights people think they should have, children’s rights should come first and foremost every single time. 

Generally I don’t believe that trans women are a problem, predators are the problem and predators come from all walks of life. That being said, when I see twitter comments such as ‘JKR can suck my trans lady d**k’, I am reminded of that awful day and the fact that ladies do not say suck my d**k to ladies. 

I don’t have the answers for the trans community on how they can feel included, but I am compelled to say that I stand with JKR and single sex spaces should be protected. 

I am yet to post anything publicly or on social media .This is the first time.

Concerned mum, Wishing to keep sex real