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Single sex spaces – a negative experience

Several years ago, a friend and I walked into a public bathroom with my friends then 6 year old daughter, ‘K’.  At the wash basin was an individual dressed as a woman, but otherwise their appearance was very much male. Short hair, facial hair, tattoos on the arms etc. K asked quite loudly as children […]

How can we fight for rights for a group that cannot be defined?

The trans issue acts to hide the nature of women’s oppression. I am a Marxist and a materialist and I believe that women’s sexed bodies (in relation to childbearing) is the source of our oppression as women.   To deny the reality of this, is to make it seem as if there is no material basis […]

I care because I want female rights protected while helping transpeople live well

I have supported crowd funding for individuals who have lost jobs because of their views. I have challenged individuals in my family and social circle who are supportive of recent trans activism I have been accused of being discriminatory and of supporting people who will  harm the mental health of trans children in particular B, […]

Initially I heard about GRA reform and thought it sounded a progressive change

I am conscious that I have a privileged background as white, male, heterosexual and well educated.  I believe that I have a responsibility to care about others’ rights, too. Initially I heard about GRA reform and thought it sounded a progressive change but I have listened to other viewpoints and realise that some aspects of […]

I fear for the impact of gender ideology on children

As a parent, grandparent and longterm volunteer in a primary school, I fear for the impact of gender ideology on children, both psychologically and medically. I have a huge concern for safeguarding across the board – in all the areas impacted by a belief in gender identity – single-sex spaces (toilets, changing rooms, prisons) and […]

I had the experience of finding myself married to a severely AGP man

I care deeply about this for a number of reasons. Firstly, as a survivor of early sexual abuse and extreme male violence I have lived my whole life in the shadow of experiences I have has because of my biological sex. These experiences have shaped me and in many ways they have limited me. I […]

There should be alarm bells ringing

This matters to me because I’m tired of parenting ROGD (rapid onset gender dysphoria) child, Because I have been living through 4 years of trans ideology since my daughter decided she was trans at the age of 16. I cannot affirm her in her male identity. The issue is the elephant in the room. We […]

The false narrative that trans women are men (very obviously they are not)

I care about human rights and will fight every step of the way to ensure that the human rights of trans people are not threatened or rolled back; this includes the human right to self-recognition, legal recognition, protection from sex discrimination and ensuring that trans women are correctly and fully protected in law the same […]

I’m frightened to see these principles being eroded by magical thinking

I care because women as a sex class are being erased, with the intended consequence that we cannot fight for sex based rights we cannot name. I care about children transitioning and ruining their bodies before they know what they are doing. I would have been one of these children if I had been born […]

The conversion and confusion of vulnerable children

This matters to me because of the reinforcement of gender stereotypes, the legal erosion of women’s rights, the homophobia and especially through educational programmes. I have discussed what is happening with family and friends and posted (anonymously) on twitter. I have been careful (cowardly?) about who I have spoken to. Anne, Left wing, feminist, lesbian, […]

As an HR professional I feel for colleagues trying to navigate through this

I guess I would have called myself a liberal feminist, a live and let live type.  I thought trans people had GD and medically/ surgically transitioned.  I once worked with a very nice transwoman  who presented as a woman, was called she, but used the men’s changing room and toilets.  When JK Rowling tweeted in […]

It’s rape culture writ large

I care because I’ve experienced decades of male harassment and abuse so I understand fully the need for safe spaces for women and girls. I am also deeply concerned about children’s natural explorations of their world and themselves being medicalised to the extent of preventing puberty, having dangerous surgeries, and potentially shortening their lives. Telling […]

I am worried that medical transition will be the opposite of helpful for her

I could write pages… but to summarise: Firstly, because of the impact on children of being taught they (or others) could be “in the wrong body”, the messing with their heads this involves, the way they are indoctrinated to ignore their normal boundaries around their bodies, private spaces, etc. as soon as someone claims to […]

I struggled with my discomfort and thought I was being intolerant and bigoted

I care because I’m a woman and a lesbian. After the T crept onto the end of LGB, I struggled with my discomfort and thought I was being intolerant and bigoted, but thankfully radical feminism and attendance at a meeting of WPUK in Sheffield, where I heard Michele Moore speak with passion and compassion, changed […]

I am worried about the impact on children

I care because of the impact on women’s and girl’s safety and rights. I am worried about the impact on children. I have done very little as I am in a very vulnerable situation. My husband agrees with my stance but cannot cope with me talking about the issue. So I cannot discuss it with […]

I care as a woman losing what used to be single sex spaces

I care about the harm being done to children and young people especially girls – physical and mental damage as well as misinformation. I care as a woman losing what used to be single sex spaces. I have complained to the body administering a post graduate student survey when gender id was a required answer. […]

I dread to think what would become of me now

I care because I am unwilling to give away my rights and those of my daughter, granddaughter, other family, friends, in fact every female of any age. Women (and some men) fought hard to get the rights we have, the least I can do is protect them, and even strengthen and improve them, for the […]

How can anyone not care about that?

I care about this issue because it erodes women’s sex-based rights and causes harm to people who will end up regretting medical transition. Gender identity ideology is incoherent and implicitly relies on, and promotes, regressive sexist stereotypes. Legislating that people must regard male people as female or vice versa is profoundly illiberal and undermines freedom […]

I’m from a relatively poor country (India). Girl children are killed at birth

Sex based protection of women is so important to me. Biological facts are important to me. I’m from a relatively poor country (India). Girl children are killed at birth. Ultrasound sex determination is illegal. Life is often misery for girls and women since they are born. Only the privileged can afford to lose the definition […]

My housemate is trans

I care because women’s voices are being silenced and children and young people who may be confused about their sexuality and gender identity are being encouraged to undergo potentially dangerous treatments in the name of conforming to rigid gender roles. I have spoken out on my own political blogs and on social media. I’ve been […]

I have been smeared and my views have been misrepresented

I care about this issue because it’s an assault on women’s rights. The longer I have been involved in reading, researching and writing about it the more it becomes clear that women’s rights are in a perilous position. Nobody at the top level is keeping an eye on enforcing legislation which protects women and girls. […]

I fundamentally disagree with genderist ideology and all it entails

I care because I fundamentally disagree with genderist ideology and all it entails. I believe it to be anti-science, anti-material reality, deeply misogynistic, profoundly damaging to children and the biggest threat to the sex based rights of women and girls that I’ve seen in my lifetime I write to MSPs, contribute to crowdfunders and take […]

I didn’t get the chance to finish before I was cut off

This matters to me as I have two young daughters and I am scared for their futures if sex based rights as girls and women are removed. I disagree with trans women participating in women’s sport for reasons for fairness and safety. I worry about the safety of women and children, myself and daughters included, […]

If we can’t talk about it, we cannot fight it

I care because the rights of women and girls matter. Our biology is the cause of our oppression and if we can’t talk about it, we cannot fight it. I care because children are being forced onto life long medical pathways. I have marched, tweeted, had real life conversations, written to my MP (repeatedly), donated […]

It really is a men’s sexual rights and privilege movement

I care because I am a woman, and trans ideology and legislation is eroding women’s rights. Once you take a proper look, it becomes very clear that transgenderism is not only a backlash to feminism, and the women’s liberation movement, but that it really is a men’s sexual rights and privilege movement. I also feel […]

People stay silent; they won’t engage

I care about the protection of women’s spaces, services and sports. I am worried about an ideology that teaches children that if they do not conform to narrow gender stereotypes they were born in the wrong body. I am horrified by irreversible harms done to these children/young people through puberty blockers, hormones and surgery. I […]

I feel excluded from forums that previously welcomed me

As an old rad feminist I’m genuinely frightened by what’s happening. This is the biggest attack on women’s rights since we first gained them; it’s a huge safeguarding issue; it’s directly linked to the rise of misogyny, to the pornification of society. I’ve joined public and private GC women’s groups, supported others through crowdfunders, with […]

I saw women being attacked at the Anarchist Bookfair in 2017

Initially, I cared because I saw women being attacked at the Anarchist Bookfair in 2017 and the annual bookfair ending as a result. Since, I have been profoundly shocked by the misogyny of transactivists and the othering of their critics. As an affluent straight middle-aged white male, it all tends to be rather abstract, but […]

I also care about ‘the wrong type of trans’

I care about this issue because this affects all of us.  From women being allowed single sex spaces and the fight against misogyny for that, to children being medically transed by woke parents.  Child safeguarding is a massive concern within this agenda.  I also care about ‘the wrong type of trans’, these people just want […]

I have four nieces whose rights to their boundaries I will defend to the death

This matters to me because women’s rights have been hard fought for over a long period of time and have only been legally recognised for a very short period of time. Sex-based rights are crucial if women are to overcome the systemic barriers to equity that still exist in UK society and are particularly important […]

I see it as child abuse

I care because I see it as child abuse- telling children they are born in the wrong body is wrong  and committing them to a life of medication and ill health to promote an ideology based on fantasy, queer theory and profit is hideously wrong! I also see an erosion of women’s sex based rights […]

I see children being pushed into unhealthy choices

This matters to me because of the gross unfairness of women’s rights and voices being erased and the gaslighting of trying to convince us a man in a dress is a woman.  It matters to me because I see children being pushed into unhealthy choices by societal pressures of the kind we have been trying […]

I am outraged at the lies the gender lobby tell about female athletes

I care very much about the girls and women who are being mistaken or rumour mongered  as masquerading as female , the hurt this causes them , the danger this puts them in. I am outraged at the lies the gender lobby tell about female athletes and the pretence that males entering female sports is […]

The next argument would be let them decide when they can have sex

This matters because I have very young children. Trans rights activists want to indoctrinate my perfectly healthy children into thinking they can change/choose their gender. Dysphoria is a mental illness. People aren’t born in the wrong body. Particularly, if they do not present DSD. Stonewall are coming after the kids. I’ll give you crazy. this […]

Children are being harmed and women’s rights dismantled

I care because children are being harmed and women’s rights dismantled. I try and speak about it to people I meet but only after carefully testing the water. I attend women’s groups and events. I have been blocked by a whole group of friends. J G, mlle_clunge

I help run the Women’s Human Rights Campaign website

This is important to me because gender ideology is a huge threat to the rights of women and girls. I fear that gender ideology is causing us to move away from truth and reality towards compelled language, pseudoscience and harmful nonsense being encoded into law with huge consequences for society. I have written to my […]

I witnessed first hand the destruction of Women’s only space

I care because I witnessed first hand the destruction of Women’s only space that had been so essential to my own healing. I’ve posted on Social media, spoken in front of city council, attended a protest against the teaching of gender ideology to children, conducted meetups and events with other women to raise consciousness. I […]

This is for you mum

This matter was brought to my attention when my mum died suddenly in Nov 2019. She was banned from plaid cymru for stating the biological facts I spoke about things when my mum first died, but I was afraid of the impact on my non profit. I feel that Facebook has picked up that I […]

My sister is transitioning into a transman

I care as a woman who has been raped about maintaining safe spaces for women. I care as the mother of a girl that she will be able to fully participate in sports without being edged out by a man who was subpar against other men. I care because my sister is transitioning into a […]

All women need the security of female only spaces and fair representation

This matters to me because all women need the security of female only spaces and fair representation.  Sexism cannot be addressed if we lose the ability to define each of the sexes unambiguously. I have handed out leaflets in the street and talked to people to ask them to fill in the GRA consultation in […]

I have bought extra copies of academic books to share

This matters to me because freedom of speech , freedom of thought, freedom of belief and assembly are essential in a healthy  democracy. 2018 – I was in a major National museum  and noticed a Trans person (mtf) using  a very busy female toilet full of young schools girls, mums with babies/toddlers etc.  Unisex toilets were […]

I have been in hospital where I have felt very vulnerable

I work in children’s services in a disability organisation. I am extremely concerned with the disregard and flouting of basic safeguarding principles in gender ideology. I also have a disability & a health condition and I have been in hospital where I have felt very vulnerable. I do not wish to be on a mixed […]

It offends me as a rational human being who knows humans cannot change sex

As a socialist and feminist it outrages me that women’s oppression is being redefined and repackaged as a privileged gender identity to which men belong. Our material existence as a sex class is being totally erased with real life consequences. We cannot argue for our share of resources when we’re not recognised. We cannot have […]

Scotgov have effectively erased adult human females from legislation

This matters to me because pseudo-science, with zero-material evidence to support it, is used promote the lie that children can have a brain that ‘thought processes’ like that of the opposite sex. This is used to commit sterilisation and irreparable FGM on teenage girls and MGM on teen boys….crimes in my opinion endorsed by Government, […]

I work in a university where there are no female toilets anymore

I care because self id has swept into every single workplace throughout the UK with no change in the law. I work in a university where there are no female toilets anymore, where disabled toilets have been renamed accessible to open them up for Trans/Non binary. A disabled toilet loses all meaning if you open […]

It can only serve to make sexism worse by entrenching regressive sex stereotypes

I care because, as a male, I have long been horrified at how pervasive sexism has remained in society, and at how in some respects, we’ve taken steps backwards (e.g. increasingly pink/blue binary for children’s toys and clothes). To the extent that transgender activism deals with “innate gender identity” it can only serve to make […]

It feels like just as we defeat climate denial then biology denial pops up

I’m particularly concerned on two fronts, first science denialism – biological sex is a material reality and very relevant to medical practice (my husband is a doctor). Females and males experience disease differently and so it is important to ensure that research and practice is able to continue to support this. It feels like just […]

It seems like everything is up for grabs

This matters to me because I see opportunities being stripped from women and girls on a systematic basis. Women’s spaces, women’s sport, women’s identities – it seems like everything is up for grabs. I have voiced my opinion on social media, and made sure that my children hear my side of the argument. Tons of […]