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People stay silent; they won’t engage

I care about the protection of women’s spaces, services and sports. I am worried about an ideology that teaches children that if they do not conform to narrow gender stereotypes they were born in the wrong body. I am horrified by irreversible harms done to these children/young people through puberty blockers, hormones and surgery. I believe in freedom of speech and find it incredible that stating biological fact can cost someone their job. I think gender identity ideology is nonsense; but people should have the right to believe it or not believe it as with any idea. I am horrified by the bullying tactics of trans activists who try to stifle debate and punish dissent — it’s authoritarian and that has no place in a democratic society. Good policy and law should be a) evidence based and b) discussed fully and openly.

I have started to talk to friends, written to my MP, attended WPUK meetings and posted about these on social media. I am very open on twitter, more careful on Facebook

I am self-employed so no repercussions at work. But I feel huge stress when talking to people or posting on Facebook because of the fear of being misunderstood and being thought bigoted.But what actually happens is that people stay silent; they won’t engage.

Jan S, humanist, dog lover, adult human female