They completely sold out on true humanist beliefs and it was intolerable to remain a member

I am a humanist and believe strongly in science and do not believe religious beliefs to be true.  I had to leave Humanists UK as they submitted a submission to the GRA consultation that was based on gender ideology. They completely sold out on true humanist beliefs and it was intolerable to remain a member. They treated members who spoke up very poorly.

I have been a lesbian ally for over 35 years so am horrified by the misogyny and aggression being directed at lesbians for being same sex attracted and for defending their right to be so. I also am a history graduate and it is clear to see that the female sex has been discriminated and oppressed throughout recent recorded history on the basis of sex.

It is therefore important to be able to define what a woman is in order to describe the experience of women, record their experiences and data as to how they are treated so discrimination can be addressed.

I got MP to write several letters especially to EHRC about how they have not treated protected characteristics even handedly. Arranged meetings with local Lib Dem candidate and had some good conversations with him about gender issues. Established that he is happy to support women’s rights as well as trans rights and has very sound overall views. Spoken out in local autism group and circles but received no support as most parents don’t want to know and feel very awkward over subject.

I’ve spoken to a parent of a gender questioning child and given her information but she has decided to take child down the trans path. Written many times to National Autistic Society to no avail  -they just batted everything away or issued meaningless platitudes.

I have an awkward situation now in local autism support group with a mother actively supporting transition of her teen daughter. I don’t feel I can speak out any more as would be hugely disapproved of. Am very sad re daughter who is extremely troubled and think will not benefit from transition ie her issues will remain. I am lucky as haven’t had many consequences . Have more had friends say they totally agree but can say nothing as they would lose their jobs in universities or media.

Heather, Adult Human Female Believer in  truth and science. Disbeliever of Religion and Ideology