Disagreeing with someone does not equal hate

I’m a Christian, and a supporter of free speech. I am dismayed at the increasing intolerance for any unpopular or minority view in the name of “tolerance”. Disagreeing with someone does not equal hate. I believe every person should be treated with full dignity and respect, all of us being created in the image of God – but I don’t believe a man can become a woman, or vice versa. I am also deeply concerned about young autistic teenagers, in particular, being harmed by transgender philosophy and making decisions at a young age which they will regret.

I’ve attended a consultation on Hate Crime (in part because I fear speaking up on this issue will become a hate crime in criminal law as well as in public opinion), and I’ve written to MSPs in relation to hate crime.

I haven’t had any negative consequences – but I am not on Twitter or other social media.



I also worry that I am not providing evidence based care for my clients

I care about this issue because when I was 16 I experienced severe gender dysphoria. I was struggling to accept that I was a lesbian and felt forced into a relationship with a male. He abused me and over time I became completely disconnected from my body.

As a teenager I thought these feelings might mean I was trans. Thankfully I was too scared to tell anyone as I think I could have easily been put on an irreversible medical pathway if I had. The gender dysphoria resolved itself when I left the abusive relationship, reconnected with my body and allowed myself to be gay.

I worry that trauma is being misdiagnosed as being trans. I worry for young people who may be harmed by gender ideology. I was also later diagnosed as autistic – I now know this is common in teen girls with gender dysphoria.

I work in a mental health service for young people. I fear their gender dysphoria is affirmed as their true trans identity. I worry this approach is harming them.

I have raised my concerns with one close friend. She is someone I feel safe with. I have also gently tried to question some of the gender ideology at work, for example I recently had a client with gender dysphoria and I tried to mention that I felt this was connected with past trauma and socialisation. The client was worried they would be forced to transition if they attended therapy and I tried to ask colleagues if they knew of any neural therapists who would not push an affirmative model. My colleagues didn’t seem to know what I was talking about and suggested I signpost them to an LGBT organisation.

My work colleague started to talk about ‘hateful and transphobic people such as J.K.Rowling’. I was anxious that if I questioned the care for this client any further I could also get labelled as hateful and transphobic. I worry about losing my job, but I also worry that I am not providing evidence based care for my clients, though I try to offer an open minded and compassionate approach, where I don’t push any particular route or narrative onto them.

H, Trauma not Trans

Healthcare Lesbians

The conversion and confusion of vulnerable children

This matters to me because of the reinforcement of gender stereotypes, the legal erosion of women’s rights, the homophobia and especially through educational programmes.

I have discussed what is happening with family and friends and posted (anonymously) on twitter.

I have been careful (cowardly?) about who I have spoken to.

Anne, Left wing, feminist, lesbian, autistic

Healthcare Others

I have autistic grandchildren and I genuinely have concerns for their future wellbeing

I was made aware of this issue by the now banned from Twitter wings over Scotland, regarding the bullying of Joanna Cherry and Joan MacAlpine within the SNP. This quickly escalated to bring defamed by Fiona Robertson ( SNP women’s officer). I have autistic grandchildren (three) and I genuinely have concerns for their future wellbeing.

Being housebound I have done as much as I physically can to raise awareness. Delivered For Women Scot GRA leaflets around my village, donated to a few things.

I’ve lost a fair few friends in the Scottish independence movement, been threatened online.


Healthcare Self employed / entrepreneurs

I am extremely concerned that trans ideology has very serious issues around child protection

I care because I am a woman and the erasure of women’s rights affects all natal females in terms of our personal care, privacy, safety, sports and careers. I am a parent of a young child and want my son and his peers to grow up free of oppressive gender stereotypes. I also worked with vulnerable children and adults with learning difficulties, including autism, and with the elderly in a hospital setting for many years. As such I am extremely concerned that trans ideology has very serious issues around child protection and child and young adult mental health.

I have contributed to quite a few crowdfunders for women’s rights, sex discrimination and for freedom of speech. I have written to my MP and completed the Scottish GRA consultation questionnaire. I wrote to M&S about their changing room policy. I have signed many petitions and asked my name to be added to letters in support of feminists I follow on Twitter. I retweet a lot but am not confident to share my own voice. I have talked about it with friends, family and some clients at work.

My family and friends (mainly female) don’t like me mentioning it as they don’t understand my concerns and think that I’m overreacting so I tend to avoid it these days. I have to choose who I speak to about the topic quite carefully. This I think is mainly due to their belief that transwomen have all had GRS, that the suicide stats are true and that the ‘born in the wrong body’ ideology is also true. Unfortunately as such they don’t think that the issue will really affect them despite me trying to give them information to the contrary.

Nina C, Self employed/own business

Healthcare Self employed / entrepreneurs

It really is a men’s sexual rights and privilege movement

I care because I am a woman, and trans ideology and legislation is eroding women’s rights. Once you take a proper look, it becomes very clear that transgenderism is not only a backlash to feminism, and the women’s liberation movement, but that it really is a men’s sexual rights and privilege movement. I also feel sad for the many traumatised people – particularly, gender non-nonconforming, lesbians, gay men, autism spectrum and mentally vulnerable, who are being told they need to have surgeries and take harmful hormones. Any system that tells people, particularly children that their bodies are wrong is abusive

I’m better at visuals than writing, and to shine a light on the insane dogma and gas lighting in mainstream media I started comically editing, trans and queer media propaganda, and creating hilarious gender critical memes – to share on social media, eventually publishing them on a Facebook page. Unfortunately due to too much hilarity and truth, the page kept getting suspended and finally got permanently unpublished by Facebook last month.

I have lost work. I wrote a comment on a Facebook advert about how many trans identified males are autogynephilic, stating that we have over 40 years of peer reviewed science supporting the theory, with links to Blanchardrence etc. Trans activists wrote to my studio. (I’m a yoga teacher) and they said I hate trans people and I got fired by the studio, they also wrote to a teacher I trained with and she took me off her list of trained teachers. Obviously I don’t hate anyone, I just don’t believe the insane dogma.

, Free speech; if I genuinely believe that men cannot become women (etc.) this opinion should not be suppressed. This is not a “phobia”, but an empirical belief.

AB, bloominanna


They completely sold out on true humanist beliefs and it was intolerable to remain a member

I am a humanist and believe strongly in science and do not believe religious beliefs to be true.  I had to leave Humanists UK as they submitted a submission to the GRA consultation that was based on gender ideology. They completely sold out on true humanist beliefs and it was intolerable to remain a member. They treated members who spoke up very poorly.

I have been a lesbian ally for over 35 years so am horrified by the misogyny and aggression being directed at lesbians for being same sex attracted and for defending their right to be so. I also am a history graduate and it is clear to see that the female sex has been discriminated and oppressed throughout recent recorded history on the basis of sex.

It is therefore important to be able to define what a woman is in order to describe the experience of women, record their experiences and data as to how they are treated so discrimination can be addressed.

I got MP to write several letters especially to EHRC about how they have not treated protected characteristics even handedly. Arranged meetings with local Lib Dem candidate and had some good conversations with him about gender issues. Established that he is happy to support women’s rights as well as trans rights and has very sound overall views. Spoken out in local autism group and circles but received no support as most parents don’t want to know and feel very awkward over subject.

I’ve spoken to a parent of a gender questioning child and given her information but she has decided to take child down the trans path. Written many times to National Autistic Society to no avail  -they just batted everything away or issued meaningless platitudes.

I have an awkward situation now in local autism support group with a mother actively supporting transition of her teen daughter. I don’t feel I can speak out any more as would be hugely disapproved of. Am very sad re daughter who is extremely troubled and think will not benefit from transition ie her issues will remain. I am lucky as haven’t had many consequences . Have more had friends say they totally agree but can say nothing as they would lose their jobs in universities or media.

Heather, Adult Human Female Believer in  truth and science. Disbeliever of Religion and Ideology


Much of current gender theory hinges on circular definitions

It’s important to be able to name our oppression.

I feel that basing policy around ‘gender identity’ reinforces stereotypes.

Definitions are a critical component of social justice. Much of current gender theory hinges on circular definitions.

I’m concerned for autistic girls (like myself) who have never felt comfortable with many aspects of femininity thinking we are in fact male.

I’ve participated in discussion on social media, contributed to crowdfunders. Supported prominent GC figures

I’m mostly losing friends online as my activism is limited to this medium.


Public Sector

I have seen first hand what male predators do and the lengths they will go to to commit their crimes

For the last twenty years I have worked with the victims of sexual assault and in child protection. I have seen first hand what male predators do and the lengths they will go to to commit their crimes.

I have no fear of transexual women, fully support them, but I am certain that self-ID will allow abusers to use the trans community as a cover. They will self ID their way into women’s spaces. You will read this and perhaps think I’m paranoid or hysterical, but the things I’ve seen leave me in no doubt of what’s happening here – the targeting of youth online, the anime, the gaming, the grown men disguising themselves as little girls, sliding their way in the LGB movement in order to make themselves seem respectable.

And, the saddest part is that the trans community will be made to suffer by association. And, don’t even get me started on the lack of care for GNC kids, the unexplored and ignored links with autism…. scandalous. My fingers are crossed for your appeal, and for Keira Bell and her case. Maybe they will wake up the world to what is really going on.

Sadly little action, I would definitely lose my job.

I rarely speak up, and am very careful who I talk to. When I do, however, I find people either agree with me or have never given the issues much thought.

Tiff, Not anti anything, just concerned, and a parent

Healthcare Others

I had several large males attempt to body-block the sign I was holding

I’m an autistic woman who has real difficulty with affirming things that are obviously not true. My brain just can’t process them, so while I could try to use female pronouns about a man, I’d get it ‘wrong’ most of the time, even if I were really trying – I can say what I see or not talk at all. I’m afraid of ending up in a situation where I am legally or professionally sanctioned for something that I cannot help because of my disability.

I’ve written to my MP on several occasions, attended protests, donated to crowdfunded causes, shared articles and hosted discussions on social media.

I challenged the representative of a pro-transing-children group who came to speak at my workplace, describing my own experience as a GNC child who grew up to be a happy bisexual adult (they told me I was actually a ‘purple jelly baby’ – you can probably guess which charity).

I’m most proud of my part in raising a banner at Bradford Pride in support of lesbian women’s right to sexual boundaries and male-free spaces.

Someone made a formal complaint about me at my hobby group, resulting in a humiliating and bizarre cross-examination/lecture from the head referee. I’ve had people I’ve been friends with for years drop me without discussion, which hurt. I certainly feel more reluctant to do activities or join clubs now, particularly given that I keep my ‘wrong think’ out of unrelated activities, so someone would have had to have gone looking for evidence on my personal social media accounts.

When I protested in person, my group were not only asked whether we were a ‘hate group’ by 2 uniformed police officers, but during the event I had several large males attempt to body-block the sign I was holding, one in particular using his greater height (and girth) to physically get close to me and get in my way. I’m not a very physically imposing or confident person, so that was quite intimidating. I don’t think there’s any place for me as a bisexual at Pride any more, since they keep saying my sexuality is inherently transphobic; I’m only ever there as an activist.