I believe it would damage me professionally to speak up

I am a senior woman barrister in a city where another prominent senior woman lawyer has openly promoted the TERF response to attempts to explore trans issues.  I believe it would damage me professionally to speak up because people’s “understanding” of the issues is so dominated by the apparent fairness and justice of openly supporting trans rights, and by the vigour with which this is promoted by others.   If I was directly questioned I would stand up for gender critical feminism, and make the obvious points to be made.  But fear of professional and social abuse is stopping me starting the conversations.

I have discussed the issues widely with my sister who is able to enter the debate in her own name.

Ros , Senior barrister, New Zealand


I worked in civil rights and foresee the consequences

Because this issue is so incendiary, I have been working person-to-person in my political communities to educate.  Most people just follow the dominant narrative without doing the research to see the pitfalls.  I feel once the facts are laid bare, I can move important people in relevant organizations.  Building networks takes time but burning bridges takes only a moment.

I’ve been more careful on this issue than I normally am, in part out of fear of repercussions but also because there’s so much emotion invested based on so little accurate information.  I have been looking for the receptive in various organizations in the hopes of awakening people who can influence others.

Tomboy, US


I care about the rights of women to have spaces of our own

I am a woman and I care about the rights of women to speak about our lived experiences, to have spaces of our own, and to be homosexual without being shamed.

I have spoken out on social media and spoken to friends and family to let them know how I feel.

I have been shamed, defriended, and removed from groups on social media for my views.  Luckily in real life I have not experienced backlash yet, but I have been careful about who I share my views with.

RM, a gender critical mom, US

trans familiy

I offered what support I felt capable of, but it wasn’t enough for him

This matters to me because I have watched transgender ideology push their demands wider, from just wanting to pee to being a woman, meaning adult human female. I cannot not believe in biological sex, and it is the most sensible way to separate people.

I have joined Twitter as an anonymous writer so that I can push against the worst trans activists.

I have joined a local women’s group and will attend demonstrations etc with them when I can.

My extended family have cut back contact with me. This is because I have a brother who abused me as a child who has transed and I cannot support his full demands to be seen as a biological woman. I offered what support I felt capable of, but it wasn’t enough for him.

He refuses to explain why he feels he is a woman, and refuses to.engage in talking about our childhood.

J, Mother, woman and apolitical thinker.

law survivor

A biological man will always be a man to me

This matters to me because I can’t bear the thought of women’s rights being taken by men who believe they are women. I don’t care what surgery they have, what hormone pills they take, what they think or how they dress, but a biological man will always be a man to me. I couldn’t bear sharing a change  room with them. I suffered domestic abuse (physical and mental abuse) and I have trust issues because of it. I have had glass smashed down my face leaving me scarred. I been punched several times and dragged from my bed by the hair while sleeping. I moved to the UK just to get away from him. He dragged me through the family court for 7 years until the court finally blocked all contact between him and my 2 sons (now adults). I’ve read the stories about trans-activists and the thought I could be attacked in a change room leaves me worried for myself and our future generation of young women.

I have expressed my views online but as a lawyer, I’d be struck off if I went public with my views. I have lost friends over the subject. I share your posts and other stories when I can.

I have lost friends and even family members have removed my from Facebook. I have quite a lot of gay and lesbian family members. They don’t all support the trans movement but those that do won’t speak to me.


Trans rights activists

Because I’m a middle class, middle aged white woman with no real problems

Because I’m a middle class, middle aged white woman with no real problems and I desperately need someone to lash out at

Been a massive fucking pain in the arse on social media and Mumsnet and real life

Yes, many people rightfully see right through my nonsense and call me on it. On the plus side though, I’ve made some new bigoted, blinkered friends. Fun!



Disagreeing with someone does not equal hate

I’m a Christian, and a supporter of free speech. I am dismayed at the increasing intolerance for any unpopular or minority view in the name of “tolerance”. Disagreeing with someone does not equal hate. I believe every person should be treated with full dignity and respect, all of us being created in the image of God – but I don’t believe a man can become a woman, or vice versa. I am also deeply concerned about young autistic teenagers, in particular, being harmed by transgender philosophy and making decisions at a young age which they will regret.

I’ve attended a consultation on Hate Crime (in part because I fear speaking up on this issue will become a hate crime in criminal law as well as in public opinion), and I’ve written to MSPs in relation to hate crime.

I haven’t had any negative consequences – but I am not on Twitter or other social media.



I feel completely disempowered

I can’t believe that our most fundamental rights like the right to dignity in a same sex refuge are being removed.

I speak to people I trust but can’t really speak out. I wrote to my MP. The response simply confirmed that she supports trans rights and is also a feminist. No real answers to my concerns.

I’m afraid to discuss the issue with anyone outside my home because of potential consequences at work.

I’ve been called a TERF by previous colleagues. I no longer speak about it outside my home. It just feels that the world has gone mad and it’s now somehow taboo to talk about being female a d about female experience. I feel completely disempowered.

Natalie lawyer, Civil Servant , I can’t speak publicly on this

Healthcare law

How can we fight for rights for a group that cannot be defined?

The trans issue acts to hide the nature of women’s oppression. I am a Marxist and a materialist and I believe that women’s sexed bodies (in relation to childbearing) is the source of our oppression as women.   To deny the reality of this, is to make it seem as if there is no material basis to why we are raped, violated, beaten, subjected to FGM, bought and sold, burdened with caring, excluded, marginalized, underpaid etc etc etc.

Also, I am a lawyer. Legal rights stem from activism. Abortion rights, rape laws, marital protections, childcare, equal pay etc were won on the back of the “women’s movement”. How can we fight for rights for a group that cannot be defined. Are we really going to be able to fight for rights for “vagina holders”. Trans issues are a legal nonsense based on individual feelings, rather than collective needs based on material reality.

There are other issues. I have done immigration cases for 20 years. I do “gender based violence” claims for women and girls.  It took decades of campaigning to have “gender based violence” accepted as a “particular social group” (a refugee category). I have won cases for girls from Somalia based on the fact that 98% of girls will have their genitals mutilated and enjoyment of their sex lives permanently destroyed if they are returned there. Not a single one of those millions of mutilated bodies are “girls with penises” (I am so angry now as I am writing this).

How can people continue to use statistical evidence to highlight violence against women and girls if we are no longer able to define the bodies of women and girls.

TRA logic would say these are also “boys’ bodies” (trans boys) TRA logic would say “many girls are not mutilated” (ones with penises) Its such utter nonsense that I can’t even believe that I’m having to respond to such nonsense in order to continue to protect the lives of children.

I find it hard to articulate the amount of anger I feel at telling children their bodies are wrong!

I am getting more vocal every day!

I post regularly on social media. I comment regularly to friends.

I have been called a terf on numerous occasions.

I have been bombarded with anime threats of violence.

The most hurtful is that I have been a progressive activist and campaigner my whole life. Many of those I campaigned with now consider me to be a nasty bigot.

Barbara M, Socialist, activist lawyer


I have been very careful due to my fear of losing my job

I care because I work with domestic abuse survivors and know the majority of this abuse is as a result of sex based oppression

I give to fundraisers, educate friends family etc.  I have an anonymous 2nd Twitter account where I offer support and I attend pro women meetings to educate myself and show support.

I have not had any consequences, because I have been very careful due to my fear of losing my job.

Twiglet, GC feminist in a job that mutes my opinions