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I got myself in a lot of trouble in my ‘queer’ community

I care because it’s dogmatic and dishonest movement that misrepresents the views of gender critical feminists as bigots rather than people that fight for female rights. I got myself in a lot of trouble in my ‘queer’ community. Male drag queens I know hate me and are threatening. Rachel C – 25 year old television […]

I objected to a ‘feminist publishing style guide’ at my workplace

I’m a feminist and understand the political risks and impact on women of removing the word – woman – we use to refer to female people. Working in publishing, I see words and their meanings as intensely political. I objected to a ‘feminist publishing style guide’ at my workplace which used gender identities thinking suggesting […]

I write for a well known website

I first and foremost came to this as a matter of conscience.  I cannot go along with the lie that it is possible to change sex. This was the starting point for a much deeper understanding of the issues that followed.  Now I understand the question of transgenderism as much more complex. There are many […]

Policy decisions should be based on facts

I believe that policy decisions should be based on facts in all situations. I strongly feel that people who need protection or special provision of any kind, and have it for fact-based reasons, should not lose those rights without vigorously examination of the fact-based reasons. I am outraged that a group with societal power (males) […]

Not one moment of my life has ever been “cis”

As a rape victim and domestic abuse survivor, I know too well the visceral reality of existing in a female body. Erasing womanhood as the unique experience, both painful and joyful, that it is only deepens misogyny and endangers our rights and safety. In the US, women still don’t have constitutional equality! Sex-based rights are […]

I just didn’t want to participate in the charade

Privacy while undressing/getting healthcare is important to me. I don’t want to participate in someone’s fetish. Men don’t belong in women’s sports. Women’s rights in general matter to me. I donate. I offer my services to GC orgs for free. I raise awareness of people around me. I’m active on social media. I get suspended […]

Biological women will ultimately suffer

I care deeply about everyone but also fact that biological women will ultimately suffer because of this movement I talk, politely, on social media and in public – often to people who find this discussion toxic. I’ve been told I’m toxic, shifted to the right, out of touch and I’ve lost friends. Tatsie, Skateboarder, Vegan, […]

I have been using social media to raise my voice

I’ve been threatened and discriminated because I’m a woman. Not because I identify myself as a woman nor I look like “female”. It’s because I have a vagina. I have been using social media to raise my voice and have created a community where only women can join and discuss about those issues. I’ve been […]

I have PMDD…it is a uniquely feminine burden

I have PMDD. An extreme mood disorder tied to my menstrual cycle. It is a uniquely feminine burden. Sex is very real to me and the trend conflating it with gender has diminished the representation of what womanhood really is. I do not accept gender as a concept to live our lives by. We are […]

I’m a founding member of Canadian Women’s Sex-Based Rights

I care about women’s rights and protections. I care about truth-telling. I care about mental and physical health for all. I care about child safeguarding. I care about preserving my Charter rights and freedoms. I’m a founding member of Canadian Women’s Sex-Based Rights (caWsbar), non-partisan, volunteer coalition working to preserve the sex-based rights and protections […]

I spoke up, took my losses, and now I have a newsletter

I care about the rights of women and children. I spoke up, took my losses, and now I have a newsletter. I have lost freelance relationships, several longtime activist friendships, and altered the course of my career. Matt, US Army veteran, former progressive activist, USA

I cannot stand the incoherent nature of current trans- orthodoxy

The current state of trans- orthodoxy is directly at odds with my feminist ideals and with L&G rights. From an intellectual perspective, there is an inherent regressiveness to ideas that mark “femininity” as what makes one “female”; this, in turn, has real-world practical implications that are incredibly damaging to those marginalized on the basis of […]

Many young people are being almost encouraged into a trans identity

I’m very concerned about the conflict of rights between trans activism and women, particularly with regard to single sex spaces and women’s sports. I’m also worried that many young people are being almost encouraged into a trans identity, particularly young girls. I talk about this online when and where it feels safe to do so. […]

I nearly died from severe early onset pre-eclampsia

This matters to me for a number if reasons: 1) Because I am a sexual abuse survivor and do not want to be forced into private spaces with males.  2) I do not think it’s fair that males are taking spaces reserved for females in leadership, training, scholarships etc. 3) My experience as a woman […]

It upsets me that all liberals get labelled as unhinged

I care because it upsets me that all liberals get labelled as unhinged because some people refuse to acknowledge science and reality to accommodate someone’s feelings. I’m a liberal. I have been unfollowed, reported and blocked from social media. R, Writer

I never really felt as though I was heard

I care about this issue because I feel that, as a 23 year old woman, I am being silenced. I have gone from being in a large friendship group of LGBTQ people to a close knit group of women. I felt like I had to adapt to their space, their feelings, their activism but I […]

No one can make make me believe it or say that I do

Transgenderism is sexist. I’ve been aware of being treated in a sexist manner since childhood. Trans activists lie, lie and lie again. They bully, harrass and intimidate everyone who dares to disagree with them. I’m also disgusted by the spineless middle-class professionals earning three times my salary who have waved it all through. I’m disgusted […]

I feel as a woman that I am being silenced

This matters to me because I feel as a woman that I am being silenced. I don’t have any issue with trans people but I do worry this is a trend and is also being used to put women in dangerous and uncomfortable positions I can’t speak out. I would lose my job. I have […]

Obviously lesbians can’t have penises

It started as bafflement at the perversion of language – obviously lesbians can’t have penises – and grew into a horrified realisation that there is a huge movement to define men as women (and vice versa), which particularly concerns me because it appears to me totally regressive, and I don’t want my children to grow […]

Now males tell us we can’t talk about out experiences because it’s transphobic

I care because I know females are oppressed, suffer violence and are a long way from equality because of their biological sex and now males tell us we can’t talk about out experiences because it’s transphobic. I have tweeted (using a pseudonym), spoken (carefully) to people in real life, shared pieces on Facebook. I’ve lost […]

This is not what I fought for, this is not what I marched for

I care about this issue because women, especially lesbians, are being erased.  I’m a lesbian feminist with a degree in Women’s Studies.  In the 90’s I ran a women only night in the Gay Village in Manchester.  I had to fight to keep it women only (one night out of 7 nights on the top […]

It feels like the biggest attack on women’s rights I have seen in my lifetime

This matters to me because I am extremely worried that young women in particular are being led down a medical path that includes surgery and hormones. Lots of adolescent girls go through a phase of being unhappy about their bodies or anxious about their sexuality, and instead of being helped to come to terms with […]

I refuse to be told that black is white

As a writer, I refuse to be told that black is white. The truth is important to me, the safety and dignity of women is even more important to me. Combined together, I would go to prison to defend them. I’ve basically gambled my career on it. I’ve lost two major jobs, I’ve been sued, […]

I’m tired of being frightened into silence

I care because I’m watching women’s rights get eroded away. I want to maintain sex-based protections. I’m tired of being frightened into silence. I have posted on sites. I’ve been called a terf and threatened. S, Disgruntled black woman

I can see women’s safe spaces being eliminated

I can see women’s safe spaces being eliminated, loss of legal rights and opportunities, abuse of children. I’ve talked to lots of people, given money. I’m terrified of raising concerns officially at work – a Stonewall-captured organisation. Nicola, #WarInWomen #CisIsASlur

Something is very very wrong

Women been oppressed as a class throughout time and across the globe because of our biological sex. The hard won rights that have been fought for by generations of women are at serious risk of being completely eroded overnight by manipulating reality through language. I care about this because I care about all women and […]

Everyone I’ve spoken to, without exception, has been fully in support

Women need to be able to name ourselves. We need the ability to describe ourselves, differentiated from men. I’ve been a feminist all of my adult life, I’ve campaigned on many causes from reproductive rights to fighting sex stereotypes. I’ve never seen feminism so threatened; the very word ‘woman’ has been rendered meaningless by the […]

If the meaning of “woman” is being changed that affects me

I care because I’m a woman, and if the meaning of “woman” is being changed, that affects me. It affects me politically, legally, professionally, and perhaps most importantly, personally. It affects how I define myself, how I’m allowed to see myself. I care because I don’t like the implication that being a woman is a […]

My daughter told me aged 13 that she thought she was a boy

I care about this because my daughter told me aged 13 that she thought she was a boy. I am a journalist so have explored the issue in media coverage. I do not feel able to voice a public opinion. I have had a negative response from colleagues who think I should not question the […]

I see girls being told that there is something fundamentally wrong with them,

I care because I see girls being told that there is something fundamentally wrong with them, at a time when they should be being encouraged to explore themselves and come to like and love themselves. What’s worse is that they are also being put on a path to unnecessary and hugely damaging medication and surgery. […]

Men shouldn’t be able to self ID their way into women’s spaces, awards, jobs

I care about protecting women’s sport, and I dislike how it’s become a mockery – odd kids donning dresses and deciding that’s enough to make them a woman. I don’t particularly mind if a fully transitioned trans woman shares a bathroom – but I also understand that plenty of people would be frightened or worried […]

I’m speaking to safeguard vulnerable children from harmful gender indoctrination

As a professional ( Special Ed trained) parent of asc child, late dx asc myself, , I’m speaking to safeguard vulnerable children from harmful gender indoctrination. I wrote a GC picture book 🙂 Spoken out publicly. I’ve had harassment from publisher, blocked and libelled by authors & librarians, ghosted publicly, Rachel Rooney, children’s author and […]

Abuse in plain sight

Women’s sex based rights and what’s happening to confused children, which in my opinion is abuse in plain sight. I’ve spoken out on social media, spoken out to friends at work. Written to my MP (who I know disagrees with me), raised it with other MPs when I’ve seen unfair things happen. I’ve been called […]

We can’t let our rights be trampled on

This is so important to me because women’s oppression is because of our sex – not something we identify into – and generations of women before us have fought so hard for the sex-based rights that we now theoretically have. We can’t let our rights be trampled on, for the sake of not offending a […]

I’m also very concerned about children being seduced into the trans cult

This matters to me because I care about women’s rights. I’m also very concerned about children being seduced into the trans cult. I am opposed to the notion of ‘gender identity’, in particular that it is being taught in schools. It’s unscientific and I believe it’s child abuse to teach children that there is such […]

I feel that I should be able to ask for female providers

I care because I am a woman. If I ever am in a compromising situation, I feel that I should be able to ask for female providers and that it shouldn’t be considered transphobic to do so. I also know that it’s important to fight for rights regarding my biology, because that’s the basis for […]