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I cannot stand the incoherent nature of current trans- orthodoxy

The current state of trans- orthodoxy is directly at odds with my feminist ideals and with L&G rights. From an intellectual perspective, there is an inherent regressiveness to ideas that mark “femininity” as what makes one “female”; this, in turn, has real-world practical implications that are incredibly damaging to those marginalized on the basis of sex: women and girls. Also, from a philosophical/academic perspective, I cannot stand the incoherent nature of current trans- orthodoxy. Ultimately, I think that it currently is hurting EVERYONE.

I should also note that I believe that this new orthodoxy is creating a culture of authoritarianism on the left that will be hard to overcome.

I have made posts on social media, primarily in replies, on topics related to trans- issues, usually speaking about verifiable statistics (including contributing to corrections on homicide claims), conflicts between trans- orthodoxy and queer theory, and the shift in rhetoric and ideology within trans- communities in the last 20 years.

I’ve lost all of my income from one sector of my freelance work, accounting for the bulk of my income. I’ve been vilified in that community as a bigot and a transphobe. I’ve lost some friends – including very good ones – for my so-called ‘hate’.

A, former academic, freelance writer, male, USA