Trans Rights Activists

The survey was intended for people who are concerned about the replacement of sex by gender identity in public policy and institutions (i.e. “gender critical” people). Many also raised the human rights of people who identify as transgender.

The intention of this survey was not to silence anyone, but nor was it asking for debate. Some people chose to respond with dissenting views to the purpose of the survey; some thoughtful and some puerile.
These dissenting voices are included here.

This matters to me because trans women are women

This matters to me because trans women are women. The vile bigoted attacks on women for being trans are offensive to me as a feminist. As an abortion rights activist, I’m offended by the anti-trans activists who want to specify in law that abortions are for women only, thus ensuring trans men who need abortions […]

Transphobia is a hate crime

Transphobia is a hate crime. I use every platform available to spread the message that transphobia is a hate crime. I’ve been verbally and physically assaulted by TERFs (no, it’s not a slur). Imagine being so full of hate for people like me who are fighting for their basic human rights to exist that you’d […]

Biology, psychology, and sociology are all in favour of trans people

I care because transgender individuals deserve the right to live as any other human being. They are born human, and bleed red just like everyone else. They do not need transphobes making their life worse because of “basic” biology, because if a transphobe actually cared enough to research, they’d find biology, psychology, and sociology are […]

Female female female

As a female woman I care because of my own personal experiences. When I was 25 I became close personal friends with a person calling themselves Emily. We shared all our experiences and secrets together. However one day we were sitting together in the sun enjoying Prosecco when I saw on her arm a single […]

I have written articles from the Daily Telegraph and even a book

I care about this issue because trans rights are important. Back in the 90s trans people had very few rights even in employment until P v S and Cornwall Country Council ruled that you couldn’t discriminate against trans people, then later the ECHR in 2002 ruled that not allowing trans people to be legally recognised […]

I have come out at work as a trans man

Quite simply, I care about all people being treated with respect. I care about the facts being shared, children brought up to be free to make their own choices, and adults able to access public spaces without fear. I have come out at work as a trans man. I have helped to design and run […]

This represents a huge problem for modern feminism unless we determine to move forward in solidarity with ALL women, cis AND trans

Because abuse of trans rights is abuse of human rights. The attempted imposition of hateful gender ideology by so-called ‘gender critics’ represents thinly-veiled bigotry and a sustained attack on scientific consensus, in defiance of all data, across multiple academic disciplines. No structural basis has yet been established for discriminatory language and practices employed. This represents […]

I tried to tell people the truth

Stop lying about why your contract was not renewed, we know the truth. I tried to tell people the truth, Liar Maya. I have been stalked on Twitter and spammed screenshots of a gruesome torture by a deranged TERF. Graham L, I will talk for the women, Divorced

Those actions don’t belong in a decent humane society

Because I am a total clown who can’t keep my nasty bigoted views to myself. Been a total knob to trans women all the time. Made up nonsense shite to create a climate of fear against one of the most vulnerable groups in society, and tried to masquerade it as an honourable crusade for human […]

Trans people are people too

This matters to me because trans people are people too. I have tried to support trans people any way I can. TRANS RIGHTS. Trans rights are human rights. TRANS RIGHTS

Like cis women, I just want to go to the bathroom

Like cis women, I just want to go to the bathroom. To pee. Without being harassed. Without being scared for my life. Due to suicide and murder, black trans women have a shockingly low life expectancy. All trans people just want to be treated as people. Your work, beliefs, and followers have made me want […]

Trans rights are human rights

Trans rights are human rights. Trans rights are human rights. Trans rights are human rights Trans rights are human rights. Trans rights are human rights

Trans rights are human rights

Trans rights are human rights. I’ve reached out to transphobes for an open discussion about why their rhetorics are harmful and how they contradict modern medical consensus. Trans Rights

Terfery is hate speech

Terfery is hate speech. Called out hate speech and had my Twitter account reported for it. You really should get a life and find something better to do than harass trans people. Feminism Appropriating Reactionary Transphobe

Fragile McCis

Here’s a thing that happened to one of my friends. I was there. Basically, we were walking down the sidewalk, talking about something meaningless. I think it had to do with a movie. Then this bus screeches up, stops next to us, and a bunch of people with “Down with Cis” shirts climbed out and […]

Fuck off and suck a hippo’s ass

Trans rights are human rights. The gender police should MIND THEIR OWN FUCKING BUSINESS. I have been disgusted at the way you call yourselves anything by GIGANTIC ASSHOLES. Sad, Mean, Reductionist, Pseudo-Feminists is what you are and you’re pathetic. Fuck off and suck a hippo’s ass. TRANS RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS YOU FUCKING TWATS! Fuck […]

The false narrative that trans women are men (very obviously they are not)

I care about human rights and will fight every step of the way to ensure that the human rights of trans people are not threatened or rolled back; this includes the human right to self-recognition, legal recognition, protection from sex discrimination and ensuring that trans women are correctly and fully protected in law the same […]

I have had to hide who I was to get jobs and do well in school

This matters to me because you are a bully and should be ashamed of yourself. I have lived as a trans person in spite of people like you who have made it their mission to rid the world of us. I have lost almost my entire family. I have had to hide who I was […]