Trans rights activists

Like cis women, I just want to go to the bathroom

Like cis women, I just want to go to the bathroom. To pee. Without being harassed. Without being scared for my life. Due to suicide and murder, black trans women have a shockingly low life expectancy. All trans people just want to be treated as people.

Your work, beliefs, and followers have made me want to kill myself. I tried to do it last week.

I don’t want to erase your womanhood, I want to stand by cis women and fight for reproductive justice, equal pay, and access to abortion. We’re fighting for the same things— freedom from fear.

If part of the fear is that trans women will share a bathroom with you, where would you prefer we go? Where would you like Laverne Cox to go pee? The men’s restroom? She is not biologically a woman, you are correct. No one is arguing against bio sex. But it doesn’t mean she’s not socialized and perceived as a woman, whether you object or not. Are we really comfortable saying that the only defining factor of womanhood is our genitals? That sounds really… handmaidens tale-ish.

Where would you like me to go, to do? I am perceived as a woman, I move through the world as a woman, I am now so sympathetic to what cis women experience; gender discrimination is awful!! People cut me off, don’t take my opinions seriously, and there is very little representation of women in legislation.

But, genuinely, I want to know: where would you like me to go pee? Where would you like a trans man, who looks like & lives as a man to go pee? In your bathroom? Isn’t that what you’re all scared of, men in your bathroom? Would you like businesses and governments to build a 3rd restroom? Unless, underneath all of this, you’d just like us to stop existing altogether. In which case, due to murder & suicide, you might get your wish.