Trans is pure homophobia

I’m a life-long lesbian in her 50s. Trans is pure homophobia and misogyny. I’m a UK RadFem Activist. I’ve organised opposition, recruited, educated, been on the front-line in demos, protested Prides last year. Direct action including putting Adult Human Female t shirts on five statues in Manchester Piccadilly last year, with one other woman. I’ve […]

The conversion and confusion of vulnerable children

This matters to me because of the reinforcement of gender stereotypes, the legal erosion of women’s rights, the homophobia and especially through educational programmes. I have discussed what is happening with family and friends and posted (anonymously) on twitter. I have been careful (cowardly?) about who I have spoken to. Anne, Left wing, feminist, lesbian, […]

I cannot remember an attack on women like this

I care because I am a lesbian and as such I have supported and contributed to Stonewall campaigns over the years. I am appalled and astounded by both the decisions made and the behaviour demonstrated by Ruth Hunt and her cronies and the terrible way in which this has impacted on women – lesbians in […]

I’m a lesbian and I see the way things are affecting us

I care because not only am I woman, I’m a lesbian, and I see the way things are affecting us. Yeah, retaliation sucks, but it’s the right thing. It’s hard work but necessary work. The biggest thing I’ve done is join online discussions (since I’m not in the means to travel right now). I’m also […]

I have called this racist sexist rhetoric out at work (it got me fired)

I am a Black Lesbian woman. Aside from being told I’m a bigot because I don’t date males, I’m being told that my womanhood is only valid because men can be women too. TRAs are using racist rhetoric that kept Black women from accessing the same facilities as white women. I have called this racist […]

We banned him from lesbian events for touching women without their consent

I’m a lesbian and was for years active in a women’s centre which acted as a hub for local lesbian activities and groups and support. I and other volunteers held monthly brunch meetings for lesbian women, we had a monthly lesbian feminist group, a monthly cafe event, a newsletter that publicised everything from walks and […]

I was horrified at men approaching me on lesbian dating sites

This matters to me as I feel I would have been put down the trans route if I were growing up today. Typical gender non conforming child who grew into a same sex attracted woman. I became single after a long relationship and after a long illness I recovered emotionally and physically to go back […]

I’ve seen young lesbians trying to turn themselves into men where I work

I care about this issue because I’ve realised that women and girls are losing their rights to men. Also, because of controlled speech – everyone is losing their right to freely use correct biological pronouns when addressing others – freedom to tell the truth. I care because I know lots of adult lesbians who wished […]

I fear that a lot of young lesbians will be growing up confused

I have a lot of reasons but this matters to me because I feel like I am 12 again, in the closet, afraid to come out as a lesbian out of fear. This is the exact same thing, now I fear I would lose more friends and that I’ll be labeled transphobic by just saying […]

The LGBT community is following gender theory in a very dogmatic manner

I care because I believe that the LGBT community is following gender theory in a very dogmatic manner, without even stopping to consider alternatives or thinking critically about it. As a lesbian, who is becoming aware of how this potentially damage young people and women, I’d like my community to have a more rational and […]

As a lesbian I’ve seen the negative effects all around me

I care because I’m worried for the safety for woman. Especially as a lesbian I’ve seen the negative effects all around me. When I was a teenager I was involved in queer trans activist discussions online and those spaces pushed me into wanting to transition. I’m lucky that I found gender critical thoughts before I […]

I don’t have an ounce of hate in my heart

I’m a disabled homosexual woman. Those aspects of myself contribute to my oppression and it hurts me personally to ignore these aspects. I have started blogs and social media accounts, reached out to local radfem groups, and I have discussed it with people in my personal life I have lost many friends and loved ones. […]

I’m tired of being told to sleep with men and accept “girldick”

I care because I’ve watched my mentally ill friends be neutered and abused by a system that does not care for them. I care because as a lesbian, I’m tired of being told to sleep with men and accept “girldick” and being called a bigot for refusing. I care because the sex responsible for 98% […]

I am seeing the existence of my sexuality be denied

I care because as a woman I am seeing all of the hard-earned rights feminists have worked tirelessly for be diminished before our eyes. I care because as a lesbian, I am seeing the existence of my sexuality be denied and the definition of it “extended” to include males by people from within the LGBT […]

I am a detransitioned FTM and we are never heard or cared about

I care because I am a detransitioned FTM (female to male) and we are never heard or cared about. There are virtually little to no resources for us. I have been published as a case study in the book “Gender Hurts” by Sheila Jeffreys. My autobiographical piece was included in the book “Dispatches from Lesbian […]

I have been reported to my college for being ‘transphobic

I am a lesbian mother of daughters. I work with children. I knew a trans-identified female when I was younger and I saw the damage she had done to herself and the relief she felt when she detransitioned. Denial of material reality threatens the safeguarding of women and children. I have attended marches and demonstrations. […]

I was banned from a Facebook lesbian group

As a same-sex attracted lesbian I feel threatened by those who were born biological males and who are now claiming to be lesbians and who are trying to shame, coerce and threaten lesbians into sexual relationships. I joined Twitter to both read articles and to post about gender issues. I was banned from a Facebook […]