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As a lesbian I’ve seen the negative effects all around me

I care because I’m worried for the safety for woman. Especially as a lesbian I’ve seen the negative effects all around me. When I was a teenager I was involved in queer trans activist discussions online and those spaces pushed me into wanting to transition.

I’m lucky that I found gender critical thoughts before I voiced that wish and instead learned to deal with my internalised homophobia and accept that my reasoning was not genuine body dysphoria but rather my internalised homophobia and issues with the sexist society we live in and how that affected me growing up.

I have talked extensively about it on social media and will talk about these issues with any friend or family member willing to listen. I’ve also met some radical feminists in my town and have become more active there.

I have been very lucky that there haven’t been many negative consequences and I don’t have to worry about them either. I’m a university student still living with my parents. Even if I where to lose my job, it wouldn’t have much bearing on my life. Despite being a lesbian I do avoid Lgbt spaces, since those tend to be extremely pro trans.

Vanessa, Germany