I believe it would damage me professionally to speak up

I am a senior woman barrister in a city where another prominent senior woman lawyer has openly promoted the TERF response to attempts to explore trans issues.  I believe it would damage me professionally to speak up because people’s “understanding” of the issues is so dominated by the apparent fairness and justice of openly supporting […]

I worked in civil rights and foresee the consequences

Because this issue is so incendiary, I have been working person-to-person in my political communities to educate.  Most people just follow the dominant narrative without doing the research to see the pitfalls.  I feel once the facts are laid bare, I can move important people in relevant organizations.  Building networks takes time but burning bridges […]

A biological man will always be a man to me

This matters to me because I can’t bear the thought of women’s rights being taken by men who believe they are women. I don’t care what surgery they have, what hormone pills they take, what they think or how they dress, but a biological man will always be a man to me. I couldn’t bear […]

I feel completely disempowered

I can’t believe that our most fundamental rights like the right to dignity in a same sex refuge are being removed. I speak to people I trust but can’t really speak out. I wrote to my MP. The response simply confirmed that she supports trans rights and is also a feminist. No real answers to […]

How can we fight for rights for a group that cannot be defined?

The trans issue acts to hide the nature of women’s oppression. I am a Marxist and a materialist and I believe that women’s sexed bodies (in relation to childbearing) is the source of our oppression as women.   To deny the reality of this, is to make it seem as if there is no material basis […]

I have been very careful due to my fear of losing my job

I care because I work with domestic abuse survivors and know the majority of this abuse is as a result of sex based oppression I give to fundraisers, educate friends family etc.  I have an anonymous 2nd Twitter account where I offer support and I attend pro women meetings to educate myself and show support. […]

It terrifies me that women (including myself) are so scared to speak out

I am deeply concerned about the no-platforming and the labelling of people (predominantly women) who speak out about transgender issues as transphobic. I care deeply about the safety of women and girls.  I consider that hard fought rights for equality are at risk of being eroded and diminished.  It terrifies me that women (including myself) […]

I care because I am a woman and I have a daughters

I care because I am a woman and I have a daughters and I do not want her to grow up with less rights than I had. I have written to my MP repeatedly on this issue and I have alerted many friends and family to the issues at hand which most are blithely unaware […]

I am careful with content and tone even on my anonoymous twitter account

As a feminist all my life I feel we have sleep walked into a very worrying situation. As a teenager and young woman I was very active in feminism. Family and professional life then intervened and I took my eye off the ball. Things were good for me – a supportive stay at home husband […]

I am concerned about protecting single-sex prisons and hospital wards

This matters to me because I am worried about young girls making irreversible decisions about their bodies. I am also concerned about protecting single-sex spaces such as prisons and hospital wards. I co-signed a letter, joined a group, challenged various organisations on their policies, supported LGB Alliance and spoken up on Twitter and Facebook. I […]

Training organisations and lobbying groups are providing incorrect guidance on law

I am a discrimination solicitor. i am concerned about firstly that training organisations and lobbying groups are providing incorrect guidance on the current law re equality and diversity with regard to how to address potential conflicts between rights of trans people and those of people who fall within different protected classes and the exceptions relating […]

The biggest issue for me is telling the truth

The biggest issue for me is telling the truth. We all know that sex is binary, and has real world consequences; but in increasingly widespread contexts, it is becoming unacceptable to say that. Forcing people to lie is a particularly objectionable form of bullying. Privacy, consent and safety come next. An important part of the […]