law survivor

I will oppose any move to allow any male-born person access to female-only spaces

I care because women are still oppressed and progress will be reversed if we cannot maintain the reality of what a woman is.  Biological realities create issues for me that men generally do not face (eg I am smaller than my partner and he can physically intimidate me) and the oppression of women has affected all aspects of my life (eg I get paid less than male colleagues, have had to achieve more to be worthy of promotion, have been assumed to be uninterested in advancement, have been assumed to be a hysterical mother when my child had real health issues which were only taken seriously when my husband also spoke to the doctor). 

I think gender ideology is putting pressure on my daughter that did not exist when I was a teenager and I think it plays to a misogynist, porn-fuelled image of ‘femininity’ that increases female disadvantage and increases vulnerability to harm. 

I support human rights and would welcome genuine moves to protect individuals with any mental illness, including body dysmorphia.  However, I will oppose any move to allow any male-born person access to female-only spaces.

I started a Facebook group for friends who have daughters.  Posted and retweeted gender critical content.  Supported the Maya Forstater crowdfunder  Completed the GRA consultants and encouraged others to do so.  Donated to A Woman’s Place.  Left Lib Dems and have told them why every time they email me asking me to rejoin.

I created a separate Twitter account for my professional ‘presence’ because to be openly GC in my field would, I felt, leave me open to possible disciplinary action

KLM, 50+, multi-career, affected by infertility, sexual assault, mother of a daughter who is emerging into womanhood in a worse world than I did