It terrifies me that women (including myself) are so scared to speak out

I am deeply concerned about the no-platforming and the labelling of people (predominantly women) who speak out about transgender issues as transphobic.

I care deeply about the safety of women and girls.  I consider that hard fought rights for equality are at risk of being eroded and diminished.  It terrifies me that women (including myself) are so scared to speak out.  It is removing the ability to debate these issues and reach common ground/consensus. 

The threats of doxxing and being labelled transphobic are, to me, a form of violence and oppression against women, and yet another example of our struggle within a patriarchal society.

I am petrified of speaking my views due to my job.  I cannot afford to lose it.  My job involves giving advice on these issues, within the education sector and to vulnerable women (including victims of domestic abuse).  I do all I can to ensure that my advice is measured and points out difficulties in the “trans women are women” mantra, as well as pointing out the terms of the Equality Act.  However I feel I have to be extremely careful about anything I say and I cannot in any way appear gender critical. 

Only to my own conscience.  I feel I do all I can while keeping my job and family safe. I don’t speak up, and when I do, I do it anonymously.

Sorry, I can’t provide this, I need to be anonymous