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I fear that a lot of young lesbians will be growing up confused

I have a lot of reasons but this matters to me because I feel like I am 12 again, in the closet, afraid to come out as a lesbian out of fear. This is the exact same thing, now I fear I would lose more friends and that I’ll be labeled transphobic by just saying that as a lesbian I don’t want anything to do with men and their body parts. That’s the gist of it.

The “other side” keeps telling me that penises can be female, that transwomen can be lesbians. It’s not as bad as conversion therapy but it’s pretty close. I fear that a lot of young lesbians will be growing up confused because they don’t find trans identified boys attractive as they are pressured to confirm to the new norm. Some of them might be pressured into thinking they are men, butch lesbians face this problem because they don’t confirm to society’s stereotypes of what it means to be a woman.

This matters to me because women’s voices are being snuffed, we are told to shut up and conform to the new ideology. I have always been anti organized religion, the left also holds this view apparently yet it’s puzzling to me how the cult-like similarity between these dogmas aren’t distinguished.

TWAW is a dogma, a chant repeated over and over again and anyone who disagrees is considered an undesirable.

I’ve already lived through this as a teenager, struggling with the ever so present homophobia within my society and surroundings. Living in fear of being discovered or outed as a lesbian, not speaking up whenever people proudly displayed their homophobic views.

I found my “tribe” then, my refuge was in the LGBT community. Now that same community is targeting me and other people like me who speak out.

The same community whose principals are being run-over by this new dogma.

I tried to write about it on social media and I got shut down pretty fast after that I began having panic attacks. I made anonymous accounts to voice my opinion.

I have been called transphobic, terf, bigot.

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