Trans rights activists

This matters to me because trans women are women

This matters to me because trans women are women. The vile bigoted attacks on women for being trans are offensive to me as a feminist. As an abortion rights activist, I’m offended by the anti-trans activists who want to specify in law that abortions are for women only, thus ensuring trans men who need abortions may have their health and safety put at risk.

I argue with anti-trans activists on Twitter. I have written to Mumsnet to object their support for transphobic bigotry on this site. I’ve written blogposts supporting equality for all women, cis and trans, and supporting GRA Reform. I’ve taken part in the GRA consultation at the Westminster Parliament and Holyrood. I make clear in situations where anti-trans bigotry is being said or implied that I stand as a feminist with *all* women, both cis and trans.

I have had my account suspended on Twitter a couple of times by anti-trans trolls who blocked and reported me.

Jane Carnall, Feminist, blogger, abortion rights activist