Trans rights activists

No one has ever said, or will ever say probably, that sex doesn’t matter

This matters to me because I’m trans and I would like to believe that I, as an individual, have the ability to know who I am. None of us are saying that sex doesn’t exist. We know it does. When people go to the doctor, they can still go by their name (as in not their dead name) and their pronouns, but their biological sex does have a toll on them.

No one has ever said, or will ever say probably, that sex doesn’t matter. It does. We know. We’re not here to hurt or harm anyone. We’re just trying to be us, to live our lives without being raped, murdered, or otherwise harmed, and if people could stop acting as if we are only acting this way to hurt (which only hurts us and has made me cry…a lot), that would be absolutely fantastic.

I have wrote tweets about how I feel and I’ve come out to my family, even though my dad is very against me being trans and that has led to me being in a toxic environment.

Well, people saying I’m just mentally ill and that I can’t know what I want and that they know what I want. Even though I have been the one living in this body. I have been the one dissociating in this body since I was eight, I have been the one who’s been struggling to deal with people objectifying me.

Again, none of us are saying your circumstances may be difficult, but people only transition when their self identity doesn’t match their body. Self identity isn’t caused by biology (as proved by psychiatrists a long time ago), it’s caused by nurture and the surroundings around people.

Self-identity is more me than my body is. Having to bow down and accept that we’ll hate our bodies for the rest of our lives (because, yeah, actually people don’t grow out of dysphoria, as you can see from the many older trans people who have transitioned — by older I mean 40-60) shouldn’t be the way of the world. It’s our body so we should be able to choose what we do with it, as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else.

I don’t have money so I can’t donate, and I live in a small town where there aren’t protests.

Nove, a trans person who once looked up to jk rowling but cried a lot because she thinks she knows what I should do with my body more than I do, novelistgeek