Healthcare Trans rights activists

The false narrative that trans women are men (very obviously they are not)

I care about human rights and will fight every step of the way to ensure that the human rights of trans people are not threatened or rolled back; this includes the human right to self-recognition, legal recognition, protection from sex discrimination and ensuring that trans women are correctly and fully protected in law the same as every cis woman, and likewise for trans men and non-binary people, the human right to fully access healthcare at any age with the parity of esteem that cis people enjoy, and ensuring that any propaganda that attempts to gull schools, orgs, and businesses into breaking the law by not allowing trans people access to services of their expressed sex fails.

I also counter the false and dangerous narrative that trans people are a threat to other women and children, the false narrative that trans women are men (very obviously they are not), the false narrative that attempts to portray trans women as predatory or predators, and also fight attempts by transphobes to legitimise their right to commit acts of hate into law whether that is through statute or case law.

I’ve written, spoken, campaigned, parliamentary candidate, local election candidate, legal work, worked closely with Stonewall, Gendered Intelligence, etc to ensure that orgs and businesses are fully aware of their legal requirements to ensure that trans people may use the facilities and services of their expressed sex,

and worked closely within a national political party to ensure that transphobia has not place in the party and that the party fights for trans people and full access to their human rights.

I am constantly targeted for harassment and abuse by transphobes who think they have a legal right to call trans women, men (no, they don’t), and think that it’s acceptable to accuse both trans people and their cis allies of being predators, gullible, confused, handmaidens, dangerous, delusional, etc.

Joséphine, Fearless defender of trans rights and people