Trans rights activists

I have come out at work as a trans man

Quite simply, I care about all people being treated with respect. I care about the facts being shared, children brought up to be free to make their own choices, and adults able to access public spaces without fear.

I have come out at work as a trans man. I have helped to design and run training sessions for colleagues on LGBT equality, where we have shared the facts about life as an LGBT person, what rights we have, and what discrimination we face in society. This has helped to dispel myths, and create an atmosphere where people of all gender identities and sexual orientation feel safe and happy in the workplace.

I have participated in the GRA consultation and shared facts about being trans on social media. I have attended Pride and marched proudly as a gay trans man.

I have received negative, nasty comments on social media from opponents of trans equality. I have had to read that people like me are “groomers”, are sex offenders, are dangers to others. This has taken a huge toll on my mental health but I have continued to speak out as it is so important to help my fellow trans people be treated with dignity and respect.

Harry , Gay trans man passionate about equality for all