Trans rights activists

Female female female

As a female woman I care because of my own personal experiences. When I was 25 I became close personal friends with a person calling themselves Emily. We shared all our experiences and secrets together. However one day we were sitting together in the sun enjoying Prosecco when I saw on her arm a single black hair. I was shocked. I had read about transgendereds in the Daily Mail once and I was utterly shocked to see that someone who I had thought was my friend was displaying such obvious symptoms of Maleness. I cut ties immediately and never spoke to her again. Now I can never talk to another person for fear they may transgender my children. I don’t have any children but what if I did.

I have read numerous blog posts and replied to random 19 year olds on twitter with the words “PENIS” over and over. I am fighting the good fight.

Once I was on twitter posting “PENIS PENIS PENIS” as I am wont to do and a close personal friend of mine replied, and I quote, “this seems quite rude”. This is exactly as bad as racism.

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