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I feel that I should be able to ask for female providers

I care because I am a woman. If I ever am in a compromising situation, I feel that I should be able to ask for female providers and that it shouldn’t be considered transphobic to do so. I also know that it’s important to fight for rights regarding my biology, because that’s the basis for sexism

I have shared on social media. I have also talked to friends. Thankfully my close friends are in agreement with me. However, if I speak out to a wider circle, I will lose friends.

I am very afraid, because I see “no TERFs” in advertising for women’s rights marches and know they mean people like me. I know I’m not welcome in society. And as a heterosexual white woman, the view is that I’m privileged. However, I suffer through sexism all the same.

Sydney, Female musician, Canada