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If the meaning of “woman” is being changed that affects me

I care because I’m a woman, and if the meaning of “woman” is being changed, that affects me. It affects me politically, legally, professionally, and perhaps most importantly, personally. It affects how I define myself, how I’m allowed to see myself. I care because I don’t like the implication that being a woman is a choice, and that modifying one’s body is sufficient to be considered the same as a female person.

I care because I see people (mostly women) making what seem to me like valid, reasonable points, raising thought-out concerns, providing solid evidence to back themselves up, and are met with more vitriol and silencing than feels warranted.

I care because the consequences of the changes that currently seem to be on the table are vast and potentially worldwide, and such changes need scrutiny and debate.

I have done almost nothing to raise my voice. My perception is that very few people I know professionally would agree, and that a decent number would be actively against, and I’m scared. I’m also worried that I’ve got this wrong, and that maybe I’m not open-minded enough or not understanding enough.

However, I quietly follow and read a lot from GC (gender critical) voices, and have written to my MP expressing my concerns both with the proposed changes, and about the tone of the debate. I’m preparing to start speaking quietly with a few friends.