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I am a female political cartoonist ‘cancelled’ by UK left wing paper the Morning Star

I care because I am a female  political cartoonist ‘cancelled’ by UK left wing paper the Morning Star in Feb 2020, after they published a cartoon by me about the GRA, then caved in to TRA and union pressure and apologised.  Since then my reputation has been trashed around the world and many people probably now think of me as ‘ that transphobic’ cartoonist’.

They did not communicate with me about their actions, just dropped me after 5 years of being a regular correspondent,  someone who they described in 2015 as their ‘star cartoonist’.

I have joined the Free Speech Union, joined, and made contact with feminist journalists. I have written to MPs. I have publicised feminist websites and organisations to my friends.

I was threatened with expulsion from my union, and jumped before I was pushed so as not to embroiled my fellow union reps in an investigation which could easily become public and cause them damage. My friend and her 17 year old daughter were so abused on twitter, merely for being professionally linked to me, that they have had to come off twitter for good.

Stella, Cartoonist and book illustrator from Bristol, UK