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It’s a sexist theory that otherwise intelligent people are going along with!

This matters to me because I am a woman. I’ve experienced life as a woman both good and bad experiences. I have daughters. I fear for their safety if men can put a dress on and enter a space where they are vulnerable- like toilets or changing rooms. I feel we are opening the door to predators and perverts who will use and exploit this “self-identify” rule.

I also take great offence at the idea men can be women if they wear a dress/lipstick/pink – it’s a sexist theory that otherwise  intelligent people are going along with!

I have liked and retweeted JK Rowling’s tweets with comments. I have read different sides of the debate to clarify my own thoughts.

I have been called a TERF. I’ve been added to an online list of TERFs which I found really quite unnerving.

Lisa, Writer