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No one can make make me believe it or say that I do

Transgenderism is sexist. I’ve been aware of being treated in a sexist manner since childhood. Trans activists lie, lie and lie again. They bully, harrass and intimidate everyone who dares to disagree with them. I’m also disgusted by the spineless middle-class professionals earning three times my salary who have waved it all through. I’m disgusted at those who have turned a blind eye to the abuse and slander of honest women. I simply do not believe in transgender ideology, any more than I believe that the earth is flat or a virgin gave birth. No one can make make me believe it or say that I do.

I actually find transgenderism pretty boring in itself as I don’t find it remarkable if a man wears a skirt or a woman has short hair – I care about the impact on women and children, the abusive behaviour of activists, and the ‘respectable and reasonable’ individuals and organisations who provide cover for this abuse.

I have been active on this issue since 2015. I organised a public meeting on women’s sex-based rights in my city that was targeted by trans activists. I’ve attended several other such meetings. I’ve been to see two MPs and written to them, and to other MPs and peers. I’ve written to safeguarding professionals, local women’s organisations, political parties, the NHS, local education authority and the police.

I’ve contacted journalists with stories, and if they haven’t picked them up written and published them myself online.

I’ve signed petitions and open letters and donated to crowdfunders. I’ve leafleted on the street at the time of the UK GRA consultation. I’ve posted on Facebook and Mumsnet. I asked my trade union not to redefine the word ‘woman’ but they refused to engage so I left.

A friend of 20 years instantly cut all contact with me because I posted online about Tara Wolf, a man convicted of assault by beating of a woman, Maria Maclachlan. I don’t have a social media presence any more because I am afraid that I will lose work – I don’t care about people’s opinion of me but I do care about my livelihood. I am also frightened of the unhinged and violent men within the transgender movement. When I was leafleting a young woman called me ‘fucking disgusting’. The biggest negative consequence if I’m honest is that I have lost faith in almost all insititutions’ abililty or even desire to uphold women’s rights; politics, the media, academia and the wider professional classes who attempted to impose the abusive nonsense of transgenderism top-down.