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My colleague reported me; she is worried I would not allow a man to follow a girl into the female toilets

I care because I know from experience, & research, that males – no matter how they identify – expect women to give way to them.  They are taught that women are inferior in all respects. 

The trans agenda is based on mantras designed to silence debate in order to remove female rights to privacy, safety & dignity.  

My main concern is over the safeguarding of girls & women:  I have even been told women who have been sexually assaulted need to be re-educated to accept males as women.

I do not believe sex can be changed.  I spent years teaching Equal Opportunities; children learned their sex (female) & race/colour (black) did not make them inferior, it was society’s gender & race stereotypes which did this. 

I care because LGBT+ training, Stonewall & Mermaids, is based on lies.  Our children & women deserve better from society.  They are putting the fetishes of males above the lived lives of women & girls.  Males need to become responsible for themselves, especially their violence, & allow women to become their authentic selves.

I have raised the issue at my place of work.  A place which I am told it is well known children (generally girls) are brought as part of the grooming process.

I have discussed aspects of the trans ideology with colleagues.  This has to be done quietly and in corners as my place of work is a Stonewall Champion.

The company lays on (voluntary) LGBTQ+ training sessions each year; we are encouraged to support the Pride march throughout town, add our pronouns to the end of emails & wear Pride & personal pronoun badges.

I have written to my line manager & head of the company.  I listed the trans mantras which a colleague quoted to me as fact.  I showed by provable research that the mantras were deliberately confusing & based on lies; e.g Trans women are women; children know they are born in the wrong body at 3 years old; trans people are the most vulnerable in the world, thousands of trans people are killed each year for being trans etc. etc.

I have also contacted my MP, who is sympathetic & understanding but not prepared to do anything.  I have contacted my local Council pointing out the errors regarding use of confusing & ambiguous language in their Equality & Diversity Policy.

My colleague reported me; she is worried I would not allow a man to follow a girl into the female toilets.  Her view and that of my line manager is that were I to question him I might upset him as he may be a trans woman.

I have been told I am to be given an official reprimand.  It has not taken place as the company closed down due to COVID-19 the day it was to be administered.

I have been told I am not to allow anyone to think my views are those of the company I work for.

Outside work: due to my views I have left the Labour party, I have left the Women’s Equality Party, my friends laugh at me – as they think climate change is more important, they tell me I have a one track mind, they tell me it is too late (that was from someone high up in the GMB union). On the positive side; I have raised the issue with the local primary school headteacher.  He had no clue what I was going on about but we agreed I had opened the conversation and we could continue if need be at a later date.

AnonymousJ, Sex is real.  Males cannot become women/female