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I never really felt as though I was heard

I care about this issue because I feel that, as a 23 year old woman, I am being silenced. I have gone from being in a large friendship group of LGBTQ people to a close knit group of women. I felt like I had to adapt to their space, their feelings, their activism but I felt a lack of support. Despite being in that space with so-called friends, I never really felt as though I was heard. My feelings of vulnerability did not match theirs and I am tired of defending my feelings. I want to feel safe as a woman.

I have started writing about womanhood and eco-feminism as I believe in using my words as power. Although, I would love to do more. I just haven’t found the right group of women yet.

I have been accused of “changing”, implying I crossed over to the dark side…but if “changing” means finding my voice then, yes, I have changed. I hope many other women change too.

S.Yule, Young woman finally using her voice