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These debates are being shut down so I can’t hear the arguments being made

I am very conflicted about about this. I want to hear debates about women only spaces, woman as a category being denied or superseded but these debates are being shut down so I can’t hear the arguments being made.

And it feels like they are being shut down by women who have had all the privilege of growing up male telling me how I should behave and what I should think, just like men.

I’m also concerned that women are being written out of history as I keep hearing of women who have achieved something out of the ordinary for their era being co-opted as trans. I understand that trans people are woefully under represented in history, but so are women. Plus I’ve not heard of any incredible men in history being treated this way. It just always seems to be about controlling the female narrative. And I worry that I feel this way because I am a white, straight woman, born a woman, who identifies as a woman. But maybe I feel this way as I’ve been told to check my privilege. I just want to understand what the debate is.

I’ve spoken to friends about it, but felt wretched like I was being judged for voicing concern. I also don’t feel I know enough not to get shouted down if I say something. I even resist liking something on Twitter for fear of reprisals.

I feel diminished in my friends’ eyes.