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Seeing her young daughter being compelled to call her dad is one of the worst abuses of power I’ve witnessed

I feel that my niece’s interests weren’t served by becoming absorbed by the gender movement. It hasn’t helped her development as a person and she has made no progress in dealing with her problems and becoming a self sufficient person. Seeing her young daughter being compelled to call her dad is one of the worst abuses of power I’ve witnessed.

I find the dogma around the ideology threatening. I don’t think we have much to hold onto in life except facts and the truth. I want to be able to speak and hear the truth.

I also do not appreciate being asked to pretend that male violence doesn’t exist, just to make men feel relieved at not having to deal with their problems.

I also liked the Liberation part of Women’s liberation, I liked feeling free. Everything now indicates that women ought not to expect that anymore, almost as if there was a mistake and we all got a wrong message, and our desires, thoughts and creations must be suppressed once more.

In professional settings I have spoken about my anger at political parties’ anti-women stances. I have spoken about the betrayal I felt at seeing accomplished and prominent women saying things to the detriment of other women, for their own personal political gain. I’ve brought up the homophobic and misogynistic message promoted by the movement and have been shunned even by my best friends who are gay.

I’ve identified myself as a female centred feminist and tried to spread that notion.

My livelihood has been threatened. I have been informed that my international agents will not be able to be associated with me if I share my views any further.

I have had two important commissions withdrawn because my views could apparently make young people feel unsafe.

I’ve been informed multiple times that I should be learning from these young people, but not because they are gifted and intelligent. It’s as if I need instruction by some red guard and I find this frightening.

I am aware that my contemporaries will not now promote or include me in ongoing or new projects. It has left me cut off and isolated and wondering how I can move forward in such an oppressive and fanciful intellectual environment.

Another negative consequence is that I feel hardened and wary, and this mindset is not conducive to creative life.

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