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Policy decisions should be based on facts

I believe that policy decisions should be based on facts in all situations. I strongly feel that people who need protection or special provision of any kind, and have it for fact-based reasons, should not lose those rights without vigorously examination of the fact-based reasons.

I am outraged that a group with societal power (males) is enforcing a change to the meaning of words that describe women, because they want to, and that no part of the establishment seems interested in stopping them.

I have retweeted relevant information. I have taken the opportunity to talk to people, particularly women, wherever possible; especially in a medical setting. I have leafleted for Fairplay for Women and spoken to the public while doing so.

Some people who have previously regarded me as a reliable source of information now doubt me – they can’t believe that what I tell them about the threat to women’s rights can be true. Some now regard me as boring or obsessive on this subject. Men tend to say they feel attacked by what I say. I have recently changed career, and now doubt I will find employment in my new area of work as I am not ‘right-thinking.’

Anne James., Would-be playwright from a working-class background