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I was in shock at single biggest attack on womens rights in my lifetime. How did I not know?

I fell into this rabbit hole in Oct 2018. I knew straight off that some well meaning teacher would have had my 10 year old self in a binder, steered towards hormones, fed a load of dangerous ideas. I was in shock at single biggest attack on womens rights in my lifetime. How did I not know? The mainstreaming of  pseudo science, of pink brains in blue bodies, with it’s attendant State sanctioned mutilation of children. Has everyone gone collectively  barmy?

I started looking into it properly from Oct 2018. Playing catch up. I accumulated 1000s of reference links & screen shots.I’ve not stopped talking or posting about Transgenderism since. I know I’ve grown awareness in my own friendship networks and community networks, I did a lot of explaining amongst my local muslim contacts online. Kept encouraging them to start talking about it in their family groups. Transgender Trend stuff was really helpful.  I challenged supporters of No Outsiders when parents were protesting. Activists MPs & TU people.

Virtue signallers were all over Brum social media. How many had read it? I’m still regularly tweeting Jess Phillips with #childsafeguarding.  I found Gender Critical Green Party members, I’d have left the party if I hadn’t. We’re trying to get a GP womens rights policy agreed. Got Lab friends to raise issue in their local branch & nationally: working on getting the Lab Wom Declaration passed at branch.   Culture: Chased up Barber Institute re Drag Queen Story Hour & Coronation St, long story.  Written regularly to MSM. Signed petitions. Written to MPs. Donated to crowd fundraisers. Put up stickers. Bought Tshirts. Supported others. Been able to offer words of comfort & experience, especially to younger campaigners, who get caught up with vicious eejits online.

Don’t let them waste your time & energy or rent space free in your head. Age has its advantages.

Been called: bigot, shameful, told I’ll be dead soon anyway because I’m old, accused of fighting a phony war. Dropped by numerous online ‘friend’s & political group pages. All a bit hurtful, especially at first. But seeing what’s happened to others has really boiled my piss. I’ve nothing to lose. I’ve no career or reputation. My true friends are just that, true. So I’ve been fearless in speaking up & out. For all those confused misled  kids who can’t and for whom this is urgent. For all the women who are more vulnerable than I. Sanity must prevail.

Susan Green , Not dead yet