I thankfully held off in case he just needed time to work out who he was

I care because I am concerned about the safeguarding of young girls, because I know vulnerable autistic young girls and because my own son thought he was Trans when he was confused about his feelings towards other boys, and people suggested Mermaids to me. I thankfully held off in case he just needed time to work out who he was.

I have had quiet conversations with friends with autistic daughters to warn them to be ultra aware of what they are up to online and what they are hearing at school. I have had frank conversations with my own kids. I have spoken with likeminded friends online privately and on a couple of occasions posted publicly.

S, Mum of teenager


I was teased at work for days for objecting being referred to as cis

I care because I do not want women’s hard won rights to be given away because of the current trendy identity politics and to accommodate perverted men.  

I have joined a women’s group, written letters to MSPs and MP, met MSPs and MP, talked to people at work, got training video changed at work from gender to sex in “protected characteristics” , talked to HR manager about using the term gender instead of sex, talked to friends and family, filled in GRA consultation, posted on twitter, distributed leaflets and talked to shoppers, written to M and S written to Weatherspoon’s, written to local councils, written to schools, refused to attend a further Stonewall training at work

I have been laughed at at work for objecting to being referred to as cis and then teased for days after.

The HR manager was also highly amused during our conversation about why sex and not gender should be on a feedback form about diversity training,  Mind you – he’s a bit scared of me now!!   So – win! 

I am ostracised by some team members who believe “Trans Women are Women”. Needless to say they are woke beardy dude bros.  I have had to work with trans boys and refer to them as he and vice versa. I  tried  to speak to team members /teaching staff about how I felt about this but was shut down. I couldn’t push as fear about losing job. Not the child’s fault of course but it really got to me psychologically -especially  the young trans boys who were on testosterone and wearing binders and EACH and EVERY one of them was on the spectrum. I could not say or do anything except affirm. I am supposed to be a support worker – its so incongruous. to have to work like that. I have fallen out with my bestie over the trans issue which was horrible but now she agrees with me on most of it.  

Mabel Frances, Reawakened radical feminist

Healthcare Parent

We need to stop the normalisation of this ideology

My daughter announced she was trans a few years ago. She wishes to pursue medical transition. She is 15, autistic and has many mental health issues. School, mental health services and medical services have all changed her name and pronouns against my wishes. We need to stop the normalisation of this ideology. Stop teaching kids they can be the opposite sex if they want to. Stop allowing medical experimentation on the young, autistic, mainly bi or lesbian girls of this generation.

I helped start Bayswater Support Group, a parent support network to help parents who question the affirmation only approach to kids who declare a trans identity. I have attended feminist events, I shout loud on twitter and have conversations with relevant medical and mental health personnel to try and change their approach.

I have lost one of my oldest friends as her child was one of the youngest to ever take puberty blockers in the uk. I have been blocked by friends because I refuse to accept this ideology.

Genuinely , A mum and a doctor, ready to do battle to keep the gender ideologies away from my child

Healthcare Parent

It is conversion therapy

I care because over the course of my life, I’ve experienced a lot of harassment from strange men, who followed, intimidated, groped, flashed and grabbed me, most of it in public. I’m therefore under no illusion that there are men who behave this way and therefore women need single-sex spaces to minimise risk of it (or worse) happening to them.

Men have physical advantage over women, and that is why sports have been segregated by sex and must remain that way.

I’m also aghast at the science-denialism that is at the core of this movement and that children are taught it at school.

I have an autistic child so know how dangerous it is to teach autistic children that they could be “born in the wrong body”. We know that brains don’t mature until we are 25 yet we allow children to make such a huge decision – it is conversion therapy.

No one who is considered an authority on child psychology  has written or researched gender identity yet now it is pushed on children by adults with the view of legitimising their own agenda.

While I believe dysphoria is real, for some men it is clearly a paraphilia.

What have you done? Mainly donated and discussed it anonymously online, and with a couple of trusted friends. I’m on some kind of Terfblocker, but because I’m careful under my own name, I have so far avoided anything worse

Lizzie Strata

Healthcare Parent

Schools need to work with parents, not push them out of the picture

This is very personal for me. My 14 year old daughter (likely ASD, complex mental health history) told her Year Head that she wanted to transition to a boy. The Year Head embraces this with enthusiasm and formally transitioned her across the school behind our backs. When we found out and told him we wanted to do watchful waiting (non affirmative, giving her a neutral space to grow and develop) he told us we had no say as parents. I had no idea affirmation was pushed by lobby groups to school as the only acceptable approach.

It’s a highly complex, sensitive issue and schools need to work with parents, not push them out of the picture.

I have written to multiple MPs and MSPs as well as the Children’s Commissioner Scotland. I am active on social media and in a parent support group pushing for evidence based medicine around gender dysphoria in children and adolescents. I have attended and spoken from the floor at various meetings – e.g. seminar at the Scottish Parliament on GD in children/adolescents.

I do the vast majority anonymously to protect my daughter’s privacy. I get backlash on social media- just the usual calling me an abusive parent (and one told me my experience was “not worthy of respect in a democratic society” – wonder where they got that from Maya, eh?). IRL has been fine as have only told a small supportive group of friends. School has been a battle with some teachers supportive, others not.



I’ve opened the eyes of several family members

As a woman, and a mother with 2 teenage daughters who both don’t conform to society’s idea of girl and womanhood I think it’s very important to speak out and raise awareness.

I have spoken at length with both my daughters about this issue. And if I hadn’t raised it with them both I think they would be at risk of being “transed” through peer pressure.

They have both been called tomboys and asked if they were trans, over and over again because they refuse to wear dresses and make up. As children they both played more with “boys toys” than “girls”. And were called boys as children.

My eldest in particular, she is Autistic. And admitted at one point she thought she may be trans. But through talking at length she realised she was perfectly happy as a girl. It was society’s pressures that she hated.

The rate at which girls and boys seem to be being told they’re trans because they don’t conform is horrifying! This is one of the most important issues in today’s society. We have to keep fighting.

Been very vocal on social media, and to an extent in real life. I’ve opened the eyes of several family members and “peak transed” them.

I haven’t had any consequences at the moment, I keep my social media anonymous for this very reason. I have to protect my children.

A Leyland


If they found out my RL identity I would be unsafe

I care about this because I am a woman, and I care about other women’s safety. If I were to be imprisoned tomorrow, there could be a transwoman in my cell.

Sex segregated spaces are essential, and to include men in them makes them pointless.


Legally, the definition of woman needs to mean adult human female.  I also have an autistic child, and find the stats around trans indentified minors terrifying, given the current state of affirmative ‘healthcare’.

I have joined Twitter to learn more, support gender critical Twitter, share & write posts, and fill out consultations when they are available. I post on Facebook about gender critical issues occasionally. I have bought merchandise that supports gender critical campaigns.  

I have been called TERF, Nazi, bigot, personally insulted, threatened with rape, and it has been suggested that if they found out my RL identity I would be unsafe. For this reason my Twitter a/c is not in my real name as I would be easily identified.

In real life I have been told I shouldn’t talk about these issues, because it’s ‘unkind’.

Isobel, Adult human female, feminist, mother of an autistic son


I cannot risk giving them cause to come knocking

My son’s close friend’s sister came out as lesbian at 13 then a year later, after saying her girlfriends parents didn’t like her, is transitioning. Haircut and boys name. She says my son’s friend is trans too – an autistic tomboy.

I have not raised my voice except for anonymous engagement on Twitter to support others because my son is home-schooled and has SEND being autistic himself which means I am already seen as a ‘problem parent’ by authorities. I cannot risk giving them cause to come knocking.

I did not provide the gushing support anticipated by the girls’ mother and so our families are no longer close. My son’s former best friend now bullies him online, going out of her way to spread lies about him, tease him and undermine any new friendships he makes.