Healthcare Parent

We need to stop the normalisation of this ideology

My daughter announced she was trans a few years ago. She wishes to pursue medical transition. She is 15, autistic and has many mental health issues. School, mental health services and medical services have all changed her name and pronouns against my wishes. We need to stop the normalisation of this ideology. Stop teaching kids they can be the opposite sex if they want to. Stop allowing medical experimentation on the young, autistic, mainly bi or lesbian girls of this generation.

I helped start Bayswater Support Group, a parent support network to help parents who question the affirmation only approach to kids who declare a trans identity. I have attended feminist events, I shout loud on twitter and have conversations with relevant medical and mental health personnel to try and change their approach.

I have lost one of my oldest friends as her child was one of the youngest to ever take puberty blockers in the uk. I have been blocked by friends because I refuse to accept this ideology.

Genuinely , A mum and a doctor, ready to do battle to keep the gender ideologies away from my child