My experiences are the experiences of millions of women

My whole life has been determined by my female sex.

From household responsibilities when my mother left home to adult domestic responsibilities.. from pregnancy,  abortion, miscarriage and childbirth to childrearing and motherhood.. from childhood sexual abuse to teen rape.. from low pay and casual sexism in the workplace to a reduced pension entitlement…from my survival as a female infant to auto immune disease post menopause.

My experiences are the experiences of millions of women, and they are not the result of us identifying as female, but are the cold harsh reality of being born with xx chromosomes and being born as girls

The rights that women have now, the rights we have fought for that give women some level of equality and independence and recognise coercion in relationships and rape in marriage and allow women to have and manage their own money were not ceded by men lightly and were granted on the basis of biological sex. Sex matters

I have become active on this issue on social media and have made blog posts and also discuss this issue socially

I have had my Twitter account suspended for posting GC tweets, I have been harassed on Facebook and I have lost friends in real life who have labelled me transphobic

Kate Styles, Woman, Mother, Grandmother